Prep for This Weekend’s NFL Playoff Games by Watching Mascots Battle It Out

Get hyped for this weekend’s NFL Playoff games with “Super Smash Bowl,” an homage to a certain mega-hit franchise that dropped on the Nintendo Switch last month featuring the mascots from the eight teams still in the hunt. Here are the contenders:


Blue (Colts) vs. KC Wolf (Chiefs): Blue is ready to stomp the competition, but he’ll be facing off against KC Wolf, who draws his strength from the moon — and the moon will definitely be out during this late afternoon game. Which mighty beast will come out on top?

Rowdy (Cowboys) vs. Rampage (Rams): Rowdy is a red-blooded cowboy who knows his way around a lasso. Can he trip up the Rams’ Rampage before he can charge headfirst into the fray?


Shock Man (Chargers) vs. Pat Patriot (Patriots): The Chargers are set to jolt the Patriots’ Pat Patriot into submission unless Pat can shield himself and power his way to another win.

Swoop (Eagles) vs. Sir Saint (Saints): Swoop has the air advantage, allowing him to divebomb to victory, but Sir Saint is ready to harness his noble lineage to parry any attack that comes his way.

Which mascots (and their teams) will remain standing to battle in the Conference Championships? Tune in this weekend to find out.

Watch the Colts face off against the Chiefs Saturday at 4:35pm ET on NBC, followed by the Cowboys and the Rams at 8:15pm ET on FOX. Then check out the Chargers battle the Patriots Sunday at 1:05pm ET on CBS, before the Eagles take on the Saints at 4:40pm ET on FOX.

Brett Bates

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