Product Spotlight: LG E7 OLED 4K HDR UHD Smart TV – 65″

With the technology constantly getting better and cheaper, finding a decent large-screen TV at a reasonable price isn’t too hard of a task these days, yet there will always be a product category for people who aren’t satisfied with just “decent” quality and want the very best of what the industry has to offer. Cue the LG E7, a smart OLED TV that can be described as nothing short of incredible and is catering to consumers that know what they want are willing to pay for it.

Product Spotlight: LG E7 OLED 4K HDR UHD Smart TV – 65″

From the moment you first set your eyes on it, it’s clear that the LG E7 is an ultra-premium offering envisioned to impress and inspire. Its “picture-on-glass” design puts the 55/65-inch OLED panel directly on a glass screen, making mundane black bezels a thing of the past and replacing them with translucent borders that look like something out of a sci-fi movie. The very same concept also allowed LG to deliver an incredibly thin device, with the display module itself essentially being just a sheet of glass. Even the bottom of the TV that stores all of its hardware and “smarts” is extremely minimal, with its thickest party measuring just 2.28 inches (5.8cm). The futuristic aesthetic will easily blend with its surroundings and reveal nothing but pure screen real estate even when the LG E7 is off.

Product Spotlight: LG E7 OLED 4K HDR UHD Smart TV – 65″

Once turned on, the device delivers on the most important front of them all – image quality. The OLED display of the LG E7 lights up each individual pixel, leaving the completely black pixels without a backlight so that it’s able to provide what’s essentially infinite contrast. Apart from numerous viewing modes, the TV is more than capable of automatically adjusting to the content it’s displaying without any user input, being able to provide you with a cinema-like 4K picture quality and true HDR, regardless of whether you opt for media using the Dolby Vision or HLG HDR standard. In the context of the entire market, only Sony’s A1E can truly compete with the LG E7 in terms of color intensity and nothing else comes close to the vivid hues produced by this flagship model. The details in both shadows and highlights are nothing but immense and even though its OLED panel isn’t the brightest TV module money can currently buy, the contrast it delivers is absolutely fantastic.

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Product Spotlight: LG E7 OLED 4K HDR UHD Smart TV – 65″

Due to the nature of OLED panels and related technologies that went into the LG E7, this model features the very best off-axis viewing angles that contemporary television sets are capable of offering. In other words, you don’t have to worry about how you’re sitting relative to the TV in order to experience its stellar image quality in all of its glory. Instead of worrying about positioning yourself directly in front of the screen like you would with most other models, the LG E7 will show you its incredible colors and contrast even if you’re looking at it from a sharp angle, thus not only being maximally convenient but also extremely suitable for large audiences. Generally speaking, the picture offered by LG’s latest ultra-premium TV is of the highest quality and will continue impressing you with every new frame it generates. Coupled with its unique all-glass design, the LG E7 will take over the room like no other TV and consistently deliver a viewing experience that almost no other competitor can come close to matching regardless of how big your budget is.

On the audio side of things, the LG E7 ships with a Dolby Atmos-powered surround solution that’s a perfect fit for the cinema-like picture quality it’s offering. Without going into technical details of how it achieves its incredible sound, let’s stick to its results which are best described as truly room-filling. Most importantly, this is a real surround system, meaning the LG E7 can make you hear a car honking behind your back, birds chirping above you, or leaves rustling to your side, in addition to just blasting you with an incredibly crisp frontal sound. Watching an action sequence on the LG E7 will actually simulate bullets flying around you and experiencing a scene in which the camera pans across a lush forest will make you feel like you’re truly inside one. Coupled with ultra-premium picture quality, the audio capabilities of LG’s flagship TV will ensure a truly immersive and magical experience regardless of the type of movie or show you’re watching, or the genre of games you decide to play. Even just playing music on the LG E7 is an incredible experience, with its 4.2-Channel speaker system having enough power and range to do justice to everything from RnB and death metal to rap, rock, operas, and whatever Taylor Swift is these days.

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Product Spotlight: LG E7 OLED 4K HDR UHD Smart TV – 65″

LG’s WebOS 3.5 that comes pre-installed on the E7 is arguably the most responsive smart TV operating system on the market, offering a consistently fantastic performance with zero lag or other issues. That smoothness is even easier to appreciate in light of its design that delivers the most intuitive user interface on the market, providing you with an experience that just feels natural, with every single element being in the right place and easy to access. At no point will you feel that some setting, app, or feature is in the wrong place or have issues understanding what it does; everything just makes sense and unlike too many smart TV operating systems on the market, WebOS seems like a natural extension of the hardware it’s managing instead of a necessary evil that’s standing between you and countless functionalities offered by your television set. In regards to third-party app support, the LG E7 has everything: Google Play Movies & TV, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix are all here, with the TV even being specifically certified by the latter as the best-in-class offering for enjoying its hits like Stranger Things, Narcos, and Mindhunter. The multifunctional remote controller that comes bundled with the TV is also one of the most versatile such products on the market and not only operates like a natural fit for WebOS but can also control your PS4, additional speakers, or any other device that you connect to the LG E7, providing you with even more convenience if for some reason you also want to connect a set-top box to this already feature-packed offering.

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Product Spotlight: LG E7 OLED 4K HDR UHD Smart TV – 65″

All things considered, the LG E7 is the very definition of a complete package, with every single aspect of it being incredible on its own, yet the combination of its stellar image quality, amazing audio, beautifully designed OS, and countless functionalities somehow being even better. As far as tech gifts are concerned, the LG E7 is near the top of the investment pyramid, though it’s also the kind of device that will be appreciated and enjoyed by an entire household. Ultimately, if you’re considering buying such a high-end TV, you’re also doing it to treat yourself, and you’ll have a hard time finding a better electronics treat than what LG’s 2017 flagship is offering. The South Korean tech giant really outdid itself with this model and delivered a smart television set that will not just take your viewing experience to the top level but keep it there for many years to come. With the LG E7 currently being available at a $500 discount and hitting its lowest price point yet, this is a perfect opportunity for a long-term TV investment for people who aren’t willing to compromise when it comes to pure quality. Refer to the banner below to check the availability of LG’s flagship TV in your area.

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