132998 ProtonMail Undergoes Major Rebranding, New Tiers Announced

ProtonMail Undergoes Major Rebranding, New Tiers Announced

One of the most popular secure email apps out there, ProtonMail, is being rebranded into Proton, fitting all its security features into one package. This package would offer services such as VPN, cloud storage, an encrypted calendar, and of course, email.

Current free ProtonMail users can continue using most of its functionality at no cost

“Today, we are undertaking our biggest step forward in the movement for an internet that respects your privacy. The new, updated Proton offers one account, many services, and one privacy-by-default ecosystem. You can now enjoy unified protection with a modernized look and feel,” Proton CEO Andy Yen said in a blog post (via PCMag).

Proton even has a new website – proton.me. Moreover, the company will let users change their email addresses from @protonmail.com to a @proton.me address. Proton was also kind enough to set up a dedicated page to address pricing-related concerns, especially for existing paying subscribers.


Proton Apps

Proton said it will provide a different plan for businesses, known simply as Proton Business. Individual subscribers can choose from Free, Unlimited, or Mail Plus plans. Customers on the free tier get up to 1GB of storage, albeit with a few restrictions. Users are limited to just 150 messages daily and can only have up to three labels and folders. Basic versions of Proton VPN and Proton Calendar are also accessible to free customers.

Meanwhile, the Proton Unlimited plan costs $10/month. It brings the full suite of Proton’s apps/add-ons, including premium ProtonMail, Calendar, and Drive (500GB). Unlimited users also get the full VPN experience with access to over 1,700 servers in 63 countries and significantly improved speeds.


The Mail Plus plan sits in the middle at $4/month with 15GB of storage to be shared between ProtonMail and Drive. This plan has no limitations on labels and folders or the number of messages you can send. Users only get the basic version of Proton VPN with this plan.

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Proton will release a dedicated mobile app for Proton Drive later this year

Proton currently has mobile apps for all of its services, except Drive. This is because Drive is still in beta, and Proton expects to release the app later this year. Drive users can still access the company’s web app, however.

The new Proton plans are pretty impressive, considering that some customers are actually getting an upgrade. Encompassing all security-oriented apps under one umbrella makes sense. It could even persuade customers to stop paying separately for individual subscriptions.


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