78861 PS5 Teardown Lets You Take A Peek Inside To See What Makes It Tick
PS5 Teardown Lets You Take A Peek Inside To See What Makes It Tick

PS5 Teardown Lets You Take A Peek Inside To See What Makes It Tick

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Sony doesn’t recommend taking apart your PS5, but you can still see what it looks like inside thanks to this official PS5 teardown video.

Enter into a world of the unknown. Take a peek inside the PS5 and see what makes it tick. Literally. This PS5 teardown video showcases the components of the console. In addition to a couple of hidden gems.

More specifically there seems to be at least one or two things about the PS5 that were previously unknown. That being said, they’re known now. And if nothing else this gives a unique look into what powers this next-gen console from Sony.


It’s also a first-time look at the hardware. And for many it’ll be the last time they see it unless they intend to take the console apart and tinker with it.

Sony shows how easy it is to take off the PS5 side panels in the teardown

PS5 Teardown

If for any reason you ever need to take off the side panels, it doesn’t look like it’ll be hard to to do.


In the teardown, the side panels are taken off to get to the inner hardware. It doesn’t take much effort to get them to come off. The panel on one side looks like it has a clip locking mechanism that allows for removal once you slide the clips in one direction as you pull upward.

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The other panel looks to be secured in the same way. This should also make it extremely easy for companies to make aftermarket side panels to customize your console. Sony could also produce and sell its own. Or, you could just customize the panels yourself if you know how to do that sort of thing.

For some consumers, this will potentially be the most exciting part of the teardown. Simply because of the possibilities for console customization to make the unit more unique.


The PS5 has two dust catchers, and you can vacuum them out

Sony PS5 Teardown 3

Sony didn’t just make the PS5 more powerful. It designed the console with what appears to be more than a few quality of life improvements.

One of those is the presence of two dust catchers. After the fan pulls in air from the outside, any dust collected is filtered into one of the two dust catchers. If you ever need to, you can vacuum these out.


Sony designed and implemented dedicated holes for cleaning out the dust collected by the dust catchers. Which should help you keep the console as clean as possible. Or to an extent, and at least more efficiently than you could on the PS4.

Since there’s less you have to take apart here. Literally all you have to do is take off the side panels and use a small electronics vacuum in those two holes and you’re done.

The air intake fan is double-sided and 45mm thick

Sony PS5 Teardown 1


Sony’s next-gen console is going to be pulling in a lot of air. What looks like two fans, one on either side of the console, is actually one super thick fan. 45mm thick to be precise.

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It’s also 120mm in diameter and is double-sided, which is why it looks like there’s one fan per side. Because the single fan that keeps the console cool during use runs the entire width of the console in its upright position.

Sony used liquid metal for long-term stable cooling

Sony PS5 Teardown 2


Another cool innovation (no pun intended) on the PS5 is the console’s liquid cooling solution. Sony says it took two years to adopt this technology for the console. And about five years to design and develop the console altogether.

When it comes to cooling, one of the major issues of the PS4 was its lower inability to stay cool during longer play sessions. This caused the fans to run high. And as a result the PS4 can be extremely loud if you have one of the older models.

With the new double-sided intake fan and the liquid cooling tech, the PS5 should be able to keep cool for much longer and run quieter at the same time. Which all-in-all will help translate to better long-term performance.


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