57486 PUBG MOBILE LITE Gets A New Map & More In Latest Update

PUBG MOBILE LITE Gets A New Map & More In Latest Update

PUBG MOBILE LITE has a new update and it includes a new map to go along with it.

The new map is called Golden Woods, and is part of the game’s 0.14.1 update. Tencent and PUBG Corp. started pushing this update out the game earlier this morning, which means users should already have it.

The PUBG MOBILE LITE update includes more than just a map

The new Golden Woods map is a nice addition to the game, but the update certainly has more to offer. Firstly, the update includes a new season that will unlock on October 1. The new season of course comes with new rewards and themes too. So look out for that.


As for content that is accessible now, there’s a new achievement system in place. Players can find these new achievements from the Mission Menu, along with the rewards that are offered after completing each achievement.

Tencent doesn’t list any of the achievements specifically, so you’ll have to be in-game to check them out.

Titles are finally here so you can display your accomplishments proudly

PUBG MOBILE LITE players now have the ability to add titles to their names. While titles aren’t exactly an earth-shattering feature, they’re a great addition to the game for players. It allows them to proudly display any accomplishments through completed achievements.


According to Tencent, you will need to complete specific achievements and gain experience to earn titles. It’s also likely that not every achievement will have a title associated with it. If you like achievement hunting, though, this will be the perfect way to show other players that you mean business.

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Fancy a new Arcade mode? Well you got one either way

PUBG MOBILE LITE now features a new arcade mode. If the currently available modes weren’t enough, you can hop on over to the newly available special War mode where players run rampant with the RPG-7.

It’s likely to be extremely chaotic, but matches are also probably more fast-paced. This mode might be worth your time if all you have a little bit of time to play.


In addition to the new Arcade mode, a few new weapons have now been added into the game. Players will be able to find the PP-19 sub-machine gun, as well as the QBZ and QBU DMR rifles in matches.

The game also includes a couple of enhancements to optimize gameplay, so overall things should feel more smooth, while also still providing a lower set of requirements than the standard PUBG MOBILE.

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