Razer Pledges $50 Million To Its Partners To Help With COVID-19

Razer is a gaming brand, but in recent weeks it’s done some unexpected things to help with the COVID-19 pandemic.

First it re-purposed a bunch of its manufacturing lines to make surgical masks for hospitals and other people and organizations who needed them. And now it’s pledging $50 million to its partners to help with the pandemic in any way that it can.

The company says that the assistance extends to both current and future partners too. Which means any new partners for Razer throughout the year will be included should they need any economic help at any point in 2020.


The COVID-19 economic relief from Razer will come from its three main support arms

Razer isn’t putting this money out there all at once. Rather it will be distributing it throughout 2020. And it will come from its three main support arms.

This includes Razer Gold, Razer Fintech, and zVentures. All three arms will also provide relief and support in their own way and through various methods. Razer Gold for example will provide support through marketing contributions, cash pre-payment, cash rebates, special rates, and reduced settlement periods from 30 to 15 days.

Razer Fintech meanwhile, which handles the Razer Merchant Services and Razer Pay products, will support merchant partners with cashflow assistance, fee waivers, and custom marketing plans on the Razer Merchant Services side.


On the Razer Pay side of things it plans to offer reduced rates and value-added promotions. Lastly with zVentures, Razer will be diverting some of its investments from that arm to companies that are working to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Including companies working on autonomous food and beverage and healthcare.

Razer isn’t the only tech company trying to help out

Razer is doing a good bit to be of assistance in this time of need. But it’s not the only tech company trying to help out.


Back at the end of March Google reported that it was working to build a government-sponsored COVID-19 hub site to give people various types of useful information about the virus. Including safety and prevention tips, data and insights and more.

US wireless carries have also been doing their part to help customers. Because so many people are likely to be out of work for a brief period during the quarantine or might lose their jobs, wireless carriers have been waiving late fees for bills.

It’s likely that as time passes during this time, more companies will step up to do something that is a little bit out of the ordinary for them.


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