Rootd App Is Here To Help You Stop Panic Attacks & Relax

If you’re struggling with panic attacks or anxiety in general, the Rootd app may help you. This application hasn’t been in the Play Store for long, but people seem to like it quite a bit.

We’ve tried it out, and it does seem to be well put together. We’re not experts in panic attacks or anxiety, quite the contrary, but based on what the users are saying, and the developer itself, this seems like a really good package.

The Rootd app is currently holding a 4.5-star rating in the Play Store, after almost 1,000 reviews. The app offers a really nice design. It’s easy on the eyes, and calming, in a way.


The Rootd app is made for people who suffer from panic attacks & anxiety

The Rootd app has been specially made for those struggling with panic attacks and anxiety. It aims to help such individuals overcome such problems, and regain confidence.

Simply Rooted Media, the company behind this app, said the following: “We set out to build Rootd after suffering from debilitating panic attacks and anxiety for several years”. So, at least a couple of employees had such issues.

You’ll be glad to know that this app is free to use. Its core features and content are free, and always will be, claims the developer. There is a premium version, though, fo those who want more.


After you fire up the app, you’ll be presented with a big red button. Once you tap it, you’ll be presented with two guided paths to relieving the panic. The first one is when you’re ready to face such a situation, and the second for when you just want to find comfort.

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There are several built-in features that may help you relax. ‘The Breathr’ is a tool that will help you practice deep breathing daily, and that will help you calm down.

‘The Visualizr’ is a tool for guided body scans, and visualizations to get rooted when feeling anxious. You can also set an emergency contact, for when you need immediate help.


Personal Stats Page will help you track your progress

The app also offers a ‘Personal Stats Page’. There, you’ll be able to follow your healing progress, claims the developer. You’ll be able to see the number of panic attacks you survived, lessons completed, and overall ‘warrior points’.

If you decide to upgrade to premium, you’ll get ‘Short Term Lessons’ and ‘Long Term Lessons’ packs. These lessons are supposed to help you end your battle with panic attacks once and for all.

We can now offer you a chance to use Rootd premium for free, for 45 days. All you have to do is sign up via this link, and you’ll be granted such a privilege. If you’d like to download the app, hit the link down below.


Rootd (Google Play Store)

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