56915 Samsung Disguises Galaxy Note 10 Hole Punch With Wallpapers
Samsung Disguises Galaxy Note 10 Hole Punch With Wallpapers

Samsung Disguises Galaxy Note 10 Hole Punch With Wallpapers

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Samsung has disguised the Galaxy Note 10 hole punch camera with a series of wallpapers. While they don’t physically hide it, the camera is much harder to notice.

In fact, just by looking at the images from the video in Samsung’s tweet, you really can’t tell the camera is there.

Of course, this will be different when you’re looking at it in person, but at a glance the wallpapers do a really good job of obscuring the camera sensor from view.


Each wallpaper is designed by a different artist and adds a touch of creativity in the way that they make the camera seem like it’s not there at all. The screen being as big as it is doesn’t hurt either, nor does the fact that it’s edge to edge.

Not A Large List

At the moment there’s not a very large list of wallpapers for hiding the Galaxy Note 10 hole punch. Altogether there are nine of these wallpapers to choose from, but users can expect this number to grow in due time.

These are also wallpapers which are specifically coming from Samsung in partnership with different artists and illustrators.


The point being that you might be able to find some other creative wallpapers that do the same thing which are from third-party sources.

Grab Em’ At The Galaxy Store

If you’re looking for these in the normal wallpapers menu, you’re looking in the wrong place. Open up the Galaxy Store on your device and you’ll find them all there.

Thanks to Samsung, you won’t even have to search as it’s provided a handy link in the tweet below which takes you right to them.


Once you download the wallpapers, you can then find them where the rest of the wallpapers are. Keep in mind that you will have to open the link in the tweet from your device and not a PC browser.

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It’s also worth mentioning that these are free, so you won’t have to spend any money. Some of the wallpapers do a better job at hiding the Galaxy Note 10 hole punch better than others. They all work, though.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus are currently available for pre-order. They can be purchased directly from Samsung or from all four major carriers.



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