Samsung Galaxy Note10 Cameras Get Detailed, Taking Cues From Huawei’s P30 Pro

The Samsung Galaxy Note10 has been in the rumor mill quite a bit lately, and now it looks like we know exactly what to expect when it comes to the many cameras that it’ll be sporting.

This information comes from a very reliable source, in Twitter user Ice Universe. Who has been very accurate with many, many leaks of Samsung and other smartphones in the past. So while we should still take this with a grain of salt, it will most likely be accurate when Samsung unveils the Galaxy Note10 in August.

Galaxy Note10’s backside will look about as you’d expect, with a triple camera setup that is vertical on the left side of the phone. That would include the primary sensor at the top, with the wide-angle in the middle and the telephoto sensor at the bottom. Ice Universe has not stated which sensors these are, and that includes the aperture and megapixel count. There are more sensors included though.

Samsung is also finally adding a Time of Flight sensor, a sensor we’ve seen in many flagship smartphones already in 2019. This sensor is going to allow for better Bokeh effects, it is essentially a depth sensor on steroids. The final sensor is a Flood Illuminator. Currently, it’s not known what the Flood Illuminator will do to help improve photos and/or take better photos. That’s something we may not see until Samsung unpacks the Galaxy Note10 in August.

What’s interesting about this leak though, is the fact that it looks like Samsung is getting rid of the heart rate sensor. A feature that its phones has had for many years now. The heart rate sensor was part of the flash but it looks like that portion is removed from the Galaxy Note10. That is of course, if this rendering is correct. There is a slight chance that this could be one of the many prototypes that Samsung has put together before deciding on the final design.

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The Galaxy Note10 is shaping up to be a pretty impressive smartphone from Samsung. But that’s par the course, this time of year. Seeing as the Galaxy Note series is usually Samsung’s biggest smartphone of the year – even bigger than the Galaxy S, in a few respects. Right now, there’s no release date or announcement, announced for the Galaxy Note10. But if Samsung continues the trend of the past few years with the Galaxy Note smartphones, it should be announce around the beginning of August, with it being released around the end of August. So that Samsung is able to beat the new iPhones to market – which usually go on sale around mid-September.

Samsung needs the Galaxy Note10 to turn heads and also sell well. The Galaxy S10 seems to have sold decently well for Samsung. But after the disaster that was the Galaxy Fold, Samsung needs to get that out of people’s mind and bring out something rather impressive with the Galaxy Note10. If these rumors do appear to be accurate, then the cameras on the Galaxy Note10 should be pretty impressive. We’ll know more in the coming months though.

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