Samsung Galaxy Note10 Series May Arrive On August 10: Rumor

According to a new report from Korea, the Samsung Galaxy Note10 series may arrive on August 10. If that info is accurate, then it means that the Galaxy Note10 will launch almost exactly a year after the Galaxy Note9, as the Galaxy Note9’s event was held on August 9 last year.

This launch date could be symbolic, actually, as the tenth Galaxy Note iteration will arrive on the tenth of August. The source did not really share any more new info regarding the Galaxy Note10, aside from that date, but it did revamp some rumored info regarding both the Galaxy Note10 and Note10 Pro.

First and foremost, it is worth noting that a recent rumor suggested that the Galaxy Note10 Pro will not ship with 45W fast charging, as previous rumors suggested. The Galaxy Note10 Pro, and quite probably the Galaxy Note10 as well, are expected to include 25W wired charging. Such fast charging is still considerably faster than the Galaxy Note9’s and S10’s 15W charging, so… it’s an improvement.

The Galaxy Note10 and Note10 Pro had leaked quite recently, in a number of renders. The two devices will look almost identical, even though the Galaxy Note 10 Pro will include a larger display.

If the leaked renders are to be believed, both phones will be made out of metal and glass, just like their predecessor. Both devices will include a display camera hole, though that hole will no longer sit in the top-right corner of the display, as on the Galaxy S10 series, but it will be moved to the center, but it will still be at the top.

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The Galaxy Note10 and Note10 Pro will be considerably boxier in terms of the design compared to the Galaxy S10 and Note9, while both the display and back side will be curved on these two smartphones, as expected, as the two phones will offer proportional design.

Both phones will include three cameras on the back, well, if you’re not counting the ToF camera that will be included on the back of the Galaxy Note10 Pro, but will not be a part of the Galaxy Note10.

Unlike the Galaxy S10 series, the Galaxy Note10 series will sport vertically-aligned cameras, and those cameras will sit in the top-left corner of the phone’s back side. Those three cameras will protrude on the back, and Samsung’s logo will be placed on the back as well. Both phones are expected to include an in-display fingerprint scanner under the display.

The Galaxy Note10 is said to ship with a 6.28-inch display, while the Galaxy Note10 Pro is rumored to include a 6.75-inch panel. Both of those displays will be QHD+ Dynamic AMOLED units, which will be HDR10+ certified.

The Galaxy Note10 and Note10 Pro are expected to arrive in both 4G and 5G variants, though their 5G models will be available only in some markets. There you have it, the two devices are expected to land on August 10, and it remains to be seen if that info is accurate or not.

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