93904 Samsung Galaxy Watch Rumor Hints At Two Sizes, Connectivity Options
Samsung Galaxy Watch Rumor Hints At Two Sizes, Connectivity Options

Samsung Galaxy Watch Rumor Hints At Two Sizes, Connectivity Options

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The next Samsung Galaxy Watch won’t necessarily be arriving anytime soon but at least one rumor has already surfaced.

Specifically, reports from the Dutch site GalaxyClub suggest that there will be two model designations for Samsung’s wearable. Those are SM-R86x and SM-R87x. And the implication of that is that there will be two sizes for this year’s Samsung Galaxy Watch. The source also suggests that not much will be changing in terms of getting connected. Each size of wearable will feature either a Bluetooth or mobile data connection.

The new Galaxy Watches from Samsung won’t necessarily be different only in size

Now, previous models of the Samsung Galaxy Watch were launched under the designation SM-R8xx too and that differentiation could point to something else — as opposed to the rumor mill’s different sizes. Namely, the designations could point to two distinct models.


In previous years, Samsung has released standard variants of its smartwatches followed by “Active” variants. The key separator between the two lines has typically been in terms of design. The Samsung Galaxy Watch active models have usually been lighter and more sporty, if not more rugged. Samsung could potentially combine those differences with the above-mentioned size and connectivity rumor. Or it could plan a new “Active” variation that’s wholly separate.

When will we know what these watches are?

Now, Samsung arguably makes the best smartwatches around via its Galaxy Watch series. Both its Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Watch Active 2 are featured in Android Headlines’ top ten on the matter. So its next entries should be one to watch. But there’s no word as of yet as to what exactly Samsung will market the next entry either. Samsung could also sell the watch as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or as something else entirely.

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Moreover, there’s a lot of information about specs and other features that are still missing from the picture. And Samsung hasn’t typically launched smartwatches until later in the year — usually around August. So more details are certainly forthcoming, although they could take some time to arrive.

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