100696 Samsung, HP Lead Chromebook Growth, Eating Into Tablet Share
Samsung, HP Lead Chromebook Growth, Eating Into Tablet Share

Samsung, HP Lead Chromebook Growth, Eating Into Tablet Share

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HP and Samsung are the big winners in terms of growth in the Chromebook market leading into 2021. And the market, as a whole, is slowly eating into the tablet market. That’s based on recent reports citing International Data Corporation (IDC) data for Q1 2021.

On the growth front, HP was out in front for the quarter. With 4.4-million shipments for the quarter and 33.5-percent of the market, the long-time PC-maker grew by no less than 633.9-percent. That’s compared to Samsung’s growth over the same period — that’s year-over-year — of 496-percent.

The trend appears to follow the ongoing global pandemic and widespread work-from-home policies. For the final three quarters of 2020, both tablets and Chromebooks saw steady growth as those policies continued to hold. With the former category peaking in Q4 before dropping again in Q1 2021. Conversely, while tablet growth has stopped and declined Chromebook sales appear to be stable.


Samsung was still not the top Chromebook segment maker, despite rampant growth

Now, that’s not to say that Samsung led in overall sales year-over-year for Q1 2021. In fact, its growth spurt only placed it with an 8-percent market share. That’s up from 6.1-percent and compared to the number two placement holder, Lenovo, at 25.6-percent. Acer came in at number three with 14.5-percent, while Dell was in the fourth slot with 11.3-percent.

That puts Samsung — at the end of the first quarter, despite its growth and relative to HP in the Chrome OS device market — way down in the fifth position. With “Others” accounting for the final 7.2-percent.

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Tablets still aren’t going anywhere

Regardless of Samsung’s position, the company’s feat is still impressive. After all, its current lineup of Chromebooks is relatively small, only including the Galaxy Chromebook 2 and Chromebook 4 series. It shouldn’t be altogether surprising then that the tablet market, despite the ingress from Chromebooks, is still dominant.


In fact, it’s still approximately three times as large as the Chromebook market. And Samsung ultimately saw 60-percent year-over-year growth in that market too.

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