Samsung Now Pushing Galaxy S9 Ads But You Can Disable Them

Samsung started pushing Galaxy S9 ads to owners of its previously released devices earlier this week, having opted to deliver its promotional messages in the form of notifications generated by the Samsung Push Service. While the platform comes pre-installed on every Galaxy-branded device and is enabled by default, its notification-sending privileges can be revoked from the Apps section of the system Settings app where you can also disable the service in its entirety. The South Korean tech giant doesn’t appear to be sending identical ads multiple times but is delivering numerous promotional messages per device.

The actual number of ads you can expect to receive will depend on your local Samsung division and the amount of Galaxy S9 promotions it’s running. In most cases, that means you’ll receive two separate ads, one that redirects you to a localized Galaxy S9 landing page where you’re able to pre-order one of the two new flagships, and another one that outlines some particular promotion meant to incentivize you to place an advanced order on either phablet. The company started sending promotional notifications to its users on Monday, shortly after officially announcing the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus. Refer to the gallery below to see how such push ads look in practice. Samsung has been utilizing push notification advertising for years now, having also done so in order to promote its three 2017 flagships. The company doesn’t have a track record of marketing its non-premium offerings in the same manner.

The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus are meant to represent the pinnacle of Samsung’s Infinity Display-centric design and while the Galaxy Note 9 is also expected to be visually similar to its predecessor, the Seoul-based original equipment manufacturer is likely to attempt another major mobile aesthetic change next year. The improvements boasted by the latest series include a better system-on-chip, improved camera with a variable-aperture lens, support for AR Emoji avatars, and improved Bixby capabilities. The larger Galaxy S9 Plus also features more RAM and a dual-camera setup with a secondary telephoto lens. The handsets are officially available for pre-orders as of Friday and will be released across the globe on March 16.

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