Samsung To Bundle Galaxy Buds With S10 Pre-Orders: Rumor

Samsung Galaxy S10 pre-orders might be accompanied by a pair of free Galaxy Buds wireless earphones in some regions. This is according to details found by GalaxyClub within the source code of the Galaxy S10 teaser website in Russia. It contains a string of text that labels the Galaxy Buds as a pre-order gift for customers in that particular market. Additionally, the source code also confirms that the Samsung Galaxy S10 series will be available for pre-order in Russia on February 20 – the same day on which the smartphone’s unveiling will take place. Likewise, pre-orders will end on March 7, lending more weight to the already-strong possibility that the flagship phone series will hit the shelves on March 8.

It was only earlier this week when a leaked render supposedly obtained from Samsung’s own servers depicted the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Buds on top of the Galaxy S10+ flagship phone. At that time the image only seemed to confirm that both products will be unveiled on the same date and that both might feature two-way wireless charging. However, in light of the new bits of information gathered from the Russian teaser website, it would seem that another reason why these two products were featured in the same render may have been Samsung’s pre-order strategy.

These plans remain subject to change, of course, at least until Samsung sets them in stone with an official announcement. But the evidence so far suggests that customers who will be willing to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S10, at least in certain regions, will also be gifted a product which will likely sell on its own for $200 or more. Whether this pre-order bonus will apply to other markets outside of Russia remains to be seen.

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Samsung remains the top smartphone vendor in the world but the company’s progress has been slowing down noticeably over the last years. The release of the Galaxy S9 series a year ago had disappointed the OEM due to poor market performance initially, at least compared to its predecessor, so perhaps Samsung is willing to advertise the Galaxy S10 lineup much more aggressively and entice potential buyers with bonuses in order to boost the smartphone’s sales figures in its first two quarters of market availability.

On the other hand, although prices have not yet been confirmed, rumors suggest that the standard Samsung Galaxy S10 will be priced around $800, while its larger counterpart could cross the $1,000 mark. There’s also a third variant rumored to be unveiled on February 20, which was recently confirmed to carry the Galaxy S10e brand. This model should be priced below $800 but according to all of the leaks so far, this model will feature two main cameras instead of three, and will possibly suffer from other downgrades or corner cuts.

As for the Galaxy Buds, despite their new moniker, these wireless headphones should be a direct successor to the Samsung Gear IconX. Exactly how they will differ from the IconX remains to be seen, but one of the ways could be the inclusion of two-way wireless charging.

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