59660 Samsung Will Unpack The Next Galaxy On February 11
Samsung Will Unpack The Next Galaxy On February 11

Samsung Will Unpack The Next Galaxy On February 11

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Samsung has just announced its next Unpacked event, which will take place on February 11, in San Francisco, where it will announce the Galaxy S11.

At this event, Samsung is expected to announce at least two new devices. We’ve seen a couple of devices shown off in a recently removed video, which includes the Galaxy S11 (or possibly the Galaxy S20, depending on if you believe that rumor or not), and its next foldable device.

Next-generation foldable likely coming to Unpacked

Samsung is likely going to announce its second-generation foldable smartphone at this event, which would be a bit different from the Galaxy Fold. Instead of folding from left to right, it’ll fold from top to bottom. Similar to the Motorola razr.


And it’s also said to be a bit cheaper, than the Galaxy Fold – this is because it’ll be a smaller device. Considering the Galaxy Fold was $1980, and it was very tough to actually find it in stock somewhere, that is going to be a good thing.

Whether we like it or not, foldable smartphones are coming. And while we saw a handful announced in 2019, we will likely see many more launching in 2020.

The Galaxy S11 is coming, with at least three variants

Recent rumors have shown that there will be three Galaxy S11 smartphones coming. But they aren’t going by the same names as the Galaxy S10.


There will be a Galaxy S11, Galaxy S11 Plus and Galaxy S11 Ultra. The main Galaxy S11 is going to be the successor to the Galaxy S10e. Which means that the Galaxy S11 Plus is likely going to be the one that most people buy.

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Samsung Galaxy S11 cameras render 1

Samsung Galaxy S11 Plus

The Galaxy S11 family is going to be touting 120Hz displays, as well as 108MP cameras. Which is going to make these some of the most interesting Galaxy S smartphones in quite a while. Samsung makes the 108-megapixel sensor that is used in smartphones like the Xiaomi Mi Note 10. So it’s not surprising at all that it would be coming to the Galaxy S11 family.

A word about the “Galaxy S20” rumor

In recent weeks, we’ve seen a number of rumors about Samsung skipping the Galaxy S11 and going all the way to Galaxy S20. Some Samsung tipsters have said that this is because it’s 2020. But this is also something that other manufacturers have done in the past. Like Huawei, with the P10 then P20 and P30 smartphones. So it’s not entirely out of the question.


But, Samsung is announcing these new smartphones on February 11. Now we might be reading to much into this, but it is likely still going to be the Galaxy S11.

Of course we won’t know for sure if Samsung is going with the Galaxy S11 or Galaxy S20 until Unpacked takes place. So we’ll just have to wait to see.

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