Samsung’s White Galaxy Note9 Won’t Stay Exclusive To Taiwan

The all-white Samsung Galaxy Note9 had surfaced several times thus far, and ultimately got launched in Taiwan last month. Well, it seems like that phone will not stay exclusive to Taiwan after all, as it is coming to India later this month. Samsung’s official “Samsung Mobile India” Twitter handle shared a teaser for the upcoming smartphone with a tagline “Make way for the new color of the season!”. In addition to that tagline, the company showed the phone’s white-colored frame, well, part of it, and part of the phone’s white-colored S Pen. On top of all that, snow is falling in the background in the provided teaser video, and this is quite obviously a white-colored Galaxy Note9, no doubt about it. The official name for the phone in Taiwan is the “Galaxy Note9: First Snow White”, and chances are that the same name will be kept in the Indian market as well, even though a keen eye will notice some differences between the First Snow White variant of the phone, and the one that Samsung teased in the provided tweet. The Galaxy Note9: First Snow White variant comes with a black-colored front, and a white back, while the phone that the company is teasing in this video has a white-colored frame on the front. This could just be a way for the company to tease the device, a marketing stunt, or it could actually be a change in the hardware, in which case these two will be completely different devices. In any case, the phone will arrive before the end of this month for sure, even though Samsung did not confirm anything just yet, but we’re almost positive it will now only launch, but also become available before Christmas.

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Coming To More Markets Soon?

Samsung did not confirm anything just yet, but chances are that more markets will follow India, and see the launch of the white Galaxy Note9. That being said, Samsung doesn’t really have a lot of time to do that, winter has begun in a number of countries around the world, and the holidays are coming. If Samsung plans to release this phone in more markets, the best time to do that is now, as the phone needs to be available for purchase before the holidays in order for the company to get the most money out of it. Samsung did not say anything regarding the phone’s availability in Europe or the US, but chances are that it will ship to both of those countries. Samsung will soon announce that if it is to happen, but if it doesn’t happen this month, it probably will not at all.

Design & Specifications Will Remain Unchanged

The white Galaxy Note9 will offer a different paint job compared to its siblings, but its overall design and internals will remain unchanged. This means that the phone will still be made out of metal and glass, while it will sport really thin bezels on the front. Two cameras will be included on the back of the device, and will be horizontally-aligned, while a fingerprint scanner will be placed below those cameras. The phone’s display will sport rounded corners, while a 3.5mm headphone jack will be a part of the package, along with stereo speakers. Now, the Galaxy Note9 features a 6.4-inch QHD+ Super AMOLED display, 6GB / 8GB of RAM and 128GB / 512GB of storage. The Galaxy Note9 is fueled by the Exynos 9810 64-bit octa-core processor in India and Europe, but if the White Galaxy Note9 arrives in the US or China, it will be fueled by the Snapdragon 845. Android 8.1 Oreo will probably come pre-installed on the white-colored Galaxy Note9, as it does on every other color variant of the device, unless Samsung manages to finalize the Android 9 Pie-based One Ui build for the phone and pre-installs that instead, but that’s highly unlikely. The Galaxy Note9 is expected to receive this update in the near future, though. The phone is also IP68 certified for water and dust resistance, while its S Pen stylus has Bluetooth integration, so you can use it as a remote or something of the sort.

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White-Colored Galaxy Note9 Is The Fifth Color Variant Of The Device

Thus far, Samsung had introduced four color variant of the Galaxy Note9, before finally announcing the First Snow White Galaxy Note9 model in Taiwan. The Metallic Copper, Lavender Purple, Ocean Blue, and Midnight Black all preceded the First Snow White variant of the phone. That being said, it is possible that the White Galaxy Note9 may adopt a different name outside of Taiwan, as some rumors actually suggested that the phone will be called “Pure White Galaxy Note9”. This raises another question, actually, the “Pure White” suggests that the phone will be all-white, and not that only its back will be white… does that mean that the phone’s front bezel may be white-colored as well? We’ve mentioned this in the first paragraph, and it may be just a marketing stunt, but it will be interesting to see what is Samsung planning. In any case, this smartphone is expected to drop in India really soon, in a week or two, quite probably, and it remains to be seen if any other Samsung Twitter handle will tease the arrival of this smartphone, mainly those in Europe and the US, as the phone will probably land in both of those regions. It is also worth noting that the price tag of this smartphone will remain unchanged as well, as the phone is expected to cost as much as its equivalent in any other color that Samsung announced in the past.


Releasing the white-colored Galaxy Note9 for the holidays is, of course, perfect timing, not only are people looking to buy presents for the holidays, for themselves and their families, but the color of the device fits the season perfectly, which Samsung is obviously taking advantage of. This is not the first time Samsung did something like this, the company has a habit of announcing a new color variant of the device at just the right times in order to prolong the shelf life of a smartphone, and give some fresh options to consumers at the same time. Samsung is, of course, not the only company that does this. It remains to be seen how well will the Galaxy Note9 sell, though, especially in India, as Samsung lost quite a bit of market share to Xiaomi in that country.

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