Save Big On USB Chargers, Speakers & More In This One Day AUKEY Sale

Amazon’s Gold Box Deal of the Day is full of AUKEY’s most popular products today.

As always, this is going to be good today only and will expire at midnight PST tonight. So you’d better pick these up pretty quickly.

As part of this deal, you’re going to be able to save big on some USB chargers (and other products). That includes the AUKEY USB-C Wall Charger which has PD support and can charge at up to 60W. This is on sale for just $27.99 today, down 40-percent. There is also the AUKEY USB-C Wall Charger with USB-A support. This has a USB-C PD port and a USB-A port for those that don’t need PD to charge their phone. This is priced at $22.79, good for around 35-percent off of its regular price.


AUKEY’s (very) popular Bluetooth speaker with 16W of power is also on sale today, coming in at just $28.99. That is good for 28-percent off of its regular price, making it a really great deal.

There’s AUKEY’s popular Wireless Charging Stand that is on sale for $16.18. This is a really good, and minimal looking charging stand from AUKEY and for under $20, it’s hard not to pick this one up.

Now if you were looking for a really cool looking Bluetooth speaker, the AUKEY Eclipse Wireless speaker is also on sale today. This one is a really cool looking speaker that can offer up 360-degree audio too. It’s also much louder than the other Bluetooth speaker that’s on sale today. This one is discounted down to just $35.99, that is good for about 28-percent off of its regular price. Making it a great time to pick one up.


There are plenty of other items available in this AUKEY sale today, and you can pick them all up from Amazon by clicking here.

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AUKEY Sale – Amazon

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