55646 SMS Reminders May Be Coming To Android Messages
SMS Reminders May Be Coming To Android Messages

SMS Reminders May Be Coming To Android Messages

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Google is testing a new feature on its Messages app that reminds users to respond to a message an hour after the user decides to snooze the notification for a specific message temporarily.

Users will notice this new functionality, which the search giant currently calls the SMS Reminders, through a button found in the notification for a text message. In addition to the Mark as Read and Reply buttons, another button will appear, which contains the text “Remind Me in 1 Hr.” Tapping this button will temporarily snooze the notification, but it will reappear at precisely an hour after the user decides to snooze the message.

While smartphones running Android 8.0 Oreo and newer already feature notification snoozing that works not only on Google’s Messages app but also with other applications, a substantial number of smartphones are still running on older versions of the operating system. By introducing this functionality into the app, more users can now enjoy the same feature found in newer versions of the Android operating system. However, unlike in handsets running Android 8.0 or later, people cannot change the length of time that a reminder can be delayed.

Aside from the introduction of SMS Reminders, another feature that Google is testing with its Messages app is the Verified SMS functionality. This feature already appeared on the Messages app a few months ago, and this feature helps reduce instances of scams and phishing attempts by informing the user if the messages originated from a legitimate business.

It is not yet clear how Google will verify the business that sent a text message, although the search giant may follow the procedure used by social media sites in verifying users, which involves confirming the authenticity of the phone number used to send the message.

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To activate this feature, users will have to toggle the verify business message sender feature. Google will then check the business by analyzing the phone number, although the search giant claims that throughout the verification process, it will not look into the conversations that the person had with the business.

It should be noted, however, that Google is still testing these features, and these functionalities may change once it rolls out to the stable version of the Messages app.

Nonetheless, these new features show the continued commitment on the part of the search giant to improve its Messages application. Within the last few months, Google also tested several new features that could enhance the user experience of the software. Among the features that may come to Google’s Message app is the integration of the Google Assistant, and the future integration of the search giant’s assistant is confirmed by the presence of several Assistant-branded features in the code string of the app.

Google Assistant will allow users to perform numerous actions on the search giant’s Messages application, which include the ability to share location, send or request payments, view or share contacts, and search for GIFs.

Also, other features incorporated into the messaging software within the last few months include the ability to rename group chats and change the color of contacts that do not have profile pictures.

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