83427 Sonos Offers Free Radio, But You Can Pay For Better Quality Now

Sonos Offers Free Radio, But You Can Pay For Better Quality Now

Sonos speakers are a hard sell for some due to the cost, but they’re fairly top-quality audio products and they just got better with the new paid version of Sonos Radio.

Now yes you could stick to the free version of this service. But there are plenty of reasons to pay up for the better quality Sonos Radio HD. One is that it’s only $7.99 and price-wise, that’s not too bad compared to other streaming radio services that you could opt for.

Aside from the price, Sonos Radio HD also comes without ads. So if nothing else, if you hate ads breaking up your seamless listening experience, paying the $7.99 monthly fee gets rid of them.


Sonos Radio HD is better quality because it’s lossless

Much of the monthly price you pay to subscribe and get access to Sonos Radio HD is the lossless audio.

There are a handful of streaming radio services that offer lossless audio. So there’s not tons of competition for Sonos to deal with. It isn’t the only one that offers lossless quality playback though. Both Tidal and Deezer have lossless options that they offer.

The benefit of Sonos Radio HD though is that you’re getting a little more compatibility with the Sonos speakers. And again, there’s the cost. Both Tidal HiFi and Deezer HiFi cost more. So if cost is a thing then Sonos has the upper hand here.

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Sonos even boasts that it has the best quality streaming audio of any other service. So if that’s accurate, then you’d be getting better audio for less money than competing options.

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That being said there are some things that Sonos Radio HD won’t offer. For instance, you’re not going to have the same catalog of music you get with stuff like Spotify, Dezer, or Tidal. It’s a service that is about curated original content in the form of radio stations.

So while you may get access to some of the same songs, they’ll be in the form of a station and not an album from a specific artist.


Unlimited skips, no ads, and original content, but it isn’t mobile

If there’s one downside to Sonos Radio HD it’s that you can only access it from Sonos speakers and sound bars. Meaning you can’t play it through headphones while on the go.

If that doesn’t bother you, it does however give you an unlimited number of skips if you dislike a particular song. You can also rewind a track if you want go back a song. And of course it is ad-free.

Sonos is making it possible to test out Radio HD for free for the first week. It might be worth checking out if you have the necessary hardware.

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