Sony Launches Two New 4K HDR TVs With Netflix Calibrated Mode

Sony has today announced two new TVs that not only form part of the BRAVIA MASTER Series, but have also been fined-tuned for a better Netflix experience. The two new TVs — the Sony AF9 OLED and the Sony ZF9 LCD — are both 4K and HDR-supported TVs, and also feature what Sony and Netflix refer to as “Netflix Calibrated Mode.” According to the press releases, this new mode is the sum of Sony’s “picture quality” and Netflix’s “color scientists” and will look to offer an enriched user experience to owners of either TV.

While the main selling points with these two new TV sets are the 4K and HDR support, the Netflix Calibrated Mode is not only designed to further benefit those heightened viewing features, but the entire Netflix experience in general . The end result being content that is available “with precise colors, accurate dynamic contrast, and true motion.” Or as both press releases put it, as the content creators originally intended. Futher building on the increased visual experience offered through this collaboration with Netflix, Sony states its new BRAVIA MASTER series is designed to offer the best picture quality on offer with a Sony-branded TV, and one which Sony likens to the sort of professional-grade monitor that is used by motion picture production studios during post-production.

Of the two sets, the AF9 is said to be the flagship option and will also feature Pixel Contrast Booster, as well as improved and “top-of-the-line sound quality” through its use of Sony Acoustic Surface Audio+ solution. While the ZF9 will look to offer an increased viewing experience from all angles, along with a general reduction in motion blur. Both TV sets support HDR10 and Dolby Vision, and come running on Android TV with access to Google Assistant. In addition, both are set to become available in different sizes. For example, the AF9 will be available in a 55-inch and a 65-inch model, while the ZF9 will arrive in 65-inch and 75-inch models. At present, Sony has yet to provide exact pricing and availability, although the two TV sets are definitely expected to launch in Europe, considering it was Sony’s European arm who announced the two new additions.

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