158053 Sony's PS5 console sales could reach 50 million in a few months

Sony’s PS5 console sales could reach 50 million in a few months

Sony has just announced its most recent operating profits for the company’s second financial quarter of 2023 and it looks like the company had a promising quarter for PS5 console sales. Since the console’s launch in 2020 sales have been good. But it wasn’t until last year when the company started to increase production due to the improvement in the supply chain. For at least the first year of the PS5’s life cycle it was hard to get your hands on a unit. Low stock and aftermarket resellers added to the challenge of landing one.

Those times are now gone and Sony has continued to pump out new stock. Leading to 4.9 million units sold for its second financial quarter this year which ended on September 30. That brings Sony’s total number of PS5 units sold to 46.6 million since launch. A rather large number that bodes well for the company. Especially at a time when its operating profits have fallen 29% since the end of its last financial quarter.


PS5 sales could reach 50 million by the end of 2023

There’s still close to two months left of Sony’s third financial quarter for this year. But given its current sales of 46.6 million units, it’s not unthinkable that it could reach 50 million PS5 units sold by the end of 2023. Provided it’s able to sell just under 4 million more consoles through the holiday shopping season.

Sony is scheduled to be releasing its new smaller PS5 units that come with a removable disc drive this month. With rumors suggesting they’ll launch on November 10. And that could give the company just the boost it needs to ramp up sales. Sony is also sticking with its sales target of 25 million units for the entire financial year. That period will end on March 30 of 2024, so it has a good few months left to hit that target. Reuters notes that Sony President Hiroki Totoki says this won’t be an easy target to hit. But Totoki hopes the new PS5 model will help the sales increase to make the target of 25 million more feasible.

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Sony’s new smaller PS5 has a slightly slimmer profile and is a bit shorter than the original model. The disc drive can also be removed and the process to do so is completely toolless. Which will make it easy for consumers to take off the drive at any time.

It’ll also make it easy for anyone who buys the new digital version to purchase the drive separately should they ever want to add it on later. As Sony will sell the drive as a standalone purchase for $79.99.

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