154035 Spotify Niche Mixes are hyper-personalized mixes for any occasion

Spotify Niche Mixes are hyper-personalized mixes for any occasion

The new Spotify Niche Mix feature is currently rolling out to the platform’s users globally. If you have a specific style of music that suits your taste and vibes, then this feature might just help you elevate your streaming experience. This is like an improvement to the already existing personalized recommendation feature.

This new feature tries to understand your music preferences and serve you what you need when you need it. It studies your music niche from what you listen to regularly. Well, this is quite similar to a feature that you might already use on Spotify daily.

Spotify says that the new Niche feature comes with some improvements that might come in handy for you. This article will throw more light on this improvement and how users can access and use this feature. So, here is everything you need to know about the new Spotify Niche Mix feature.


The new Spotify Niche Mix feature is here to give you a try of something different

Spotify took to its YouTube channel to announce the arrival of this new feature. With this, users can get more out of their personalized recommendations. Instead of getting a playlist made just for your everyday life, you can now search for a playlist that you want to vibe to.

This new feature brings together all the mixes available on personalized recommendations. So, it pulls together all songs in your niche from various mixes that are available to Spotify users. Tens of thousands of mixes come together to make up the Niche Mix and get sorted out based on what the user listens to and can think of at the moment.

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You can search for a new Niche Mix using any random phrase and Spotify will work something for you. Considering that this is a new feature, there might not be a mix for everything that comes to mind. But as this feature gets put to use globally, it will be able to fix up a mix for you based on your mood.


To find a new mix, users need to head over to the ‘Made For You’ section of their Spotify app. There will be up to 10 mixes that the platform will recommend for its users based on what they listen to. Users can as well search for a new mix by typing random phrases to describe the vibe they need into the search bar.

This will pull up more recommendations with songs that blend with the mood. Spotify is currently rolling this feature out to both Free and Premium users globally. The Spotify Niche Mix feature will become available via an app update on the Play Store or App Store.

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