Stadia’s Partner Program Gets Over 4,000 Dev Applications

Stadia is garnering some huge interest from game studios and developers it would seem. According to the service’s technical account manager Sam Corcoran who spoke about Stadia during the Develop:Brighton 2019 conference, more than 4,000 game studios have already applied to be included in the Stadia partner program.

Google was able to grab the attention of big-name developers and publishers by scoring some deals that would ensure games from those companies would appear on the platform, and while it might have been in question earlier on Google eventually announced the games which the platform would have available, getting rid of any question that some of the biggest studios would want to be included.

Stadia is apparently not in short supply when it comes to other companies that want to be a part of the platform as well. Google opened up the partner program for Stadia early on and has received what sounds like overwhelming interest in bringing games to the service to give gamers a much wider selection for game titles.

4,000 interested game studios is by no means a small number and there’s a pretty good chance that many of them will be accepted into the partner program. Not all the studios will be accepted though.

Corcoran mentions that each and every application is going to be reviewed by a human being to ensure that those studios mesh with the Stadia service. Google wants to make sure that studios which are allowed onto the partner program will be bringing games to the platform that will fit the rest of the portfolio of game titles that Stadia will already offer. Corcoran also highlights that studios who apply will definitely want to “put some thought” into the application since it’s going to be read over by a real person.

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In addition to this it also wants to make sure that it’s able to put together a support plan that is tailored individually to each and every game, which is why there’s an application process in place and game studios aren’t allowed to just give their games over to Google to publish to Stadia.

This does unfortunately mean that some games may not make it onto the platform but it’s unlikely that any of those games will come from the biggest game studios. Those game studios in particular and the games they publish are sure to be highly sought after by Google for the Stadia service, of course in the end Google does still have to make sure that games, whether from big studios or not, fit the portfolio and that it’s able to tailor-make a support plan for them.

Regardless of how many studios are accepted into the program it’s a good thing for the platform that so many game studios and developers are interested, as it can and probably will eventually lead to there being a very large library of available game titles for players. Stadia will launch officially this November for Stadia Pro subscribers who have pre-ordered or purchased a Stadia Founders Edition bundle from Google.

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