Stock Up On PNY SD Cards, Flash Drives & More In This One-Day Amazon Sale

Amazon is discounting a number of PNY storage products today, in its Gold Box Deal of the Day. Allowing you to save up to 72-percent on products that you’re going to need to buy anyways. So you might as well take advantage of this sale.

Included in today’s sale are a number of SD cards. This includes a 64GB SD card for $14.99, 128GB for $26.99, 256GB for $54.99 and a 512GB for $109.99. There are also some micro SD cards on sale, but only 512GB capacity models. The PNY Elite model is $149, while the Pro Elite is $179.99. the Pro Elite offers faster read and write speeds and is also compatible with A2 for faster load times for apps that are stored on the micro SD card.

You’ll also find a slew of flash drives on sale today in this sale. With a whopping 512GB flash drive available for just $79.99. That’s a whole lot of storage to have in your pocket. And of course, that is great for students to use to keep all of their documents in one place.

You can pick up all of this and much more in this PNY sale. It is going on today and will expire at midnight PST. You can pick them up from Amazon using the link below.

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