158061 Study finds Galaxy S23 Ultra as most popular phone for gaming

Study finds Galaxy S23 Ultra as most popular phone for gaming

A recent study conducted by wireless carrier comparison service ‘USwitch‘ looked at the most popular phones for mobile gaming, and has found that Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra tops the list. USwitch says it came to this conclusion by finding the most popular phones in the UK using a service called CompareDial. It then looked at each device’s specs like screen size, battery capacity, and RAM amount, then gave each of those a score out of 10. Finally it took those scores and gave each phone an average to determine the rankings.

Surprisingly, there’s not a single actual gaming phone in the ranking list. And when we talk about gaming phones this refers to devices like the ROG Phone 7 Ultimate, or those from brands like RedMagic. Phones that are developed with unique gaming features and designed with mobile gamers in mind first and foremost. Instead, the ranking list is populated with mostly Samsung devices. Which might not be that hard to believe given how popular Samsung is as a brand.


In fact, when it comes to the most popular phones for mobile gaming, the top 5 are all from Samsung. This includes the Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G, Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy Z Fold 4, and Galaxy A23 5G in the number 2, 3, 4, and 5 spots respectively.

the iPhone 15 Pro Max is one of the most popular phones for gaming

While the list is dominated by Samsung phones, Apple secured a spot too. The interesting part is that this is the only Apple device. And it happens to be Apple’s most recent phone. The iPhone 15 Pro Max. Given that Apple has a flourishing mobile gaming ecosystem, it makes sense. Apple also announced that it would bring some of Capcom’s biggest recent console and PC games to mobile. Not as mobile ports but the full versions of those games.

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With that said, Apple takes the 6th spot. The remaining devices include the Galaxy S23 Plus, the Galaxy Z Flip 5, the Galaxy Z Flip 4, and then the Galaxy S20 FE 2022.

Most Popular Phones For Mobile Gaming USwitch Study

Is this study accurate?

Here’s the thing. Most of these devices have decent enough specs for gaming. But there is one thing worth noting. While these might be the most popular phones in the UK based on purchases, that doesn’t mean they’re being used for gaming. It also only takes into account purchases in the UK. The study doesn’t factor in any devices being purchased in regions where mobile gaming is the biggest. Based on Sensor Tower’s report called ‘The State of Mobile Gaming 2023’ the biggest regions for mobile gaming are the US, Japan, China, South Korea, then Taiwan. With all other regions lumped into the “other” category.

The Sensor Tower report doesn’t mention any about device specifics. But it feels like it should be important to include the largest mobile gaming regions for this kind of study.

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