158089 The 2023 Mobile Gaming Index is here with a ton of insight

The 2023 Mobile Gaming Index is here with a ton of insight

If you have ever wondered what the most popular mobile games are, then the 2023 Mobile Gaming Index from Uswitch is here for you. This report provides gamers with insight into the gaming world and all the trending options among mobile players. If you are a gamer, the statistics provided in this report will be of much concern to you, as you want to know what the majority enjoy playing.

On the report are about seven categories of the most popular games from 2023. The rating on the popularity of games in one category come from two standpoints, one being critics and the other being actual players. Both parties have different things they look out for while looking at the games on this list.


For gamers, they are just out for what to play and enjoy playing, but critics are a different category of people entirely. The critics rate games, digging up for the pros and cons of these games, to give potential players a clear idea of what they are getting into. Here are the details that you need from the 2023 Mobile Gaming Index as provided by Uswitch.

Details on Uswitch’s 2023 Mobile Gaming Index reports on the best games out there

The first category on the 2023 Mobile Gaming Index list of best games among gamers is “the world’s most popular mobile games.” Topping this list here is Subway Surfers with over 63.64 million annual searches. Following this is Genshin Impact, Stumble Guys, Geometry Dash, and PUBG Mobile.

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For the second category, which is the most popular game on Instagram, PUBG Mobile takes the lead. With over 14 million posts, this FPS game is the most popular among the Instagram gaming community. Other games on the top five list here are Pokémon GO, Genshin Impact, Clash of Clans, and Call of Duty: Mobile.

On TikTok, PUBG Mobile leads the pack again with over 321 billion views on posts regarding this game. Now that’s massive, already some might feel that PUBG Mobile is the best FPS mobile game out there. Genshin Impact, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, and Stumble Guys are just some games on this list as well.

The highest-rated mobile game among critics is Plants vs Zombies, but gamers say it’s Bejeweled Stars. As for the most storage-intensive mobile game, the award goes to Fantasian which consumes 4.5GB just for download. On a global scale, the highest-grossing mobile game is Honor of Kings, with a whopping $1.36 billion in revenue.

For developers, the top-grossing for iOS is Shenzhen Tencent Tianyou Technology Ltd, with $521 million in revenue. On the Android side, gamers King (Candy Crush developers) takes the crown with $50.9 million in revenue. For the highest-rated phones for gaming, Samsung takes the top spot, with the Galaxy S23 Ultra on top.

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