58638 The 4th Android 10 Beta For Samsung Galaxy S10 Series Is Shipping Now
The 4th Android 10 Beta For Samsung Galaxy S10 Series Is Shipping Now

The 4th Android 10 Beta For Samsung Galaxy S10 Series Is Shipping Now

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Samsung appears to be rolling out the fourth and final Android 10 beta test to users of its Galaxy S10 series starting today in Germany, South Korea, and the US. Users in the US reportedly shouldn’t expect to see the update arriving immediately.

This will also only be the third beta release for users in India, Poland, France, Spain, and the UK. But it does address a number of bugs associated with the beta, albeit not as many as previous updates.

Those who are enrolled in the beta testing should see the firmware denoted as version numbers G975FXXU3ZSK9 and G97FOXM3ZSK9. It weighs in at around 344.88MB. That’s not too large but users will still likely want to be connected to Wi-Fi to download it.


What’s in the latest Android 10 beta for Galaxy S10?

The shortlist of inclusions for the newest Samsung Galaxy s10 series beta release of Android 10 includes a number of significant changes. Because this is a beta program, the problem areas at this point are mostly related to bugs.

First, on the list of itemized fixes, Samsung’s update log includes patches for UI display issues such as flickering. It also addresses an issue wherein returning to the home screen from an app would leave the home screen background blurred. Users should no longer have their status bar disappear after turning the screen off with apps open either.

Samsung has also fixed an issue that resulted in the keyboard cutting off and being unresizable. Opening recent apps after taking a screenshot will no longer generate a screenshot of that recent app and Samsung has patched an error causing the always-on-display to disappear while charging.


In terms of secondary fixes, Samsung hasn’t been resting on its laurels either. The company has implemented changes to improve gesture interactions, although the log notes that some difficulties remain. It has additionally altered things to prevent duplicates of the contacts app appearing as well as preventing items moved from a folder to the home screen from disappearing.

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Finally, Samsung has made a change to stop noises generated while connecting devices running the firmware to Bluetooth. And it has altered the app shape to fall more in line with the stock Android shapes.

What makes this the “final” update?

This update is not only smaller in terms of fixes, but it’s also likely the final update before the firmware is finalized for release. Samsung has already halted beta testing in its home region of South Korea. That further compounds the likelihood that this will be the last beta for the Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e, and Galaxy S10+.


The only question that remains is when Samsung will release the final version of the software for its users. The timeline so far suggests the company will release the new firmware, complete with OneUI 2.0, before the year’s end. The same holds true for Samsung’s other flagship devices in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series.

For now, the updates have only been delivered to the international and unlocked Galaxy devices though. So the timeline for carrier devices is likely to be somewhat longer. Other issues could crop up in the interim which would delay the release further.

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