158051 The ability to see more sensor data from the Google Home app is rolling out

The ability to see more sensor data from the Google Home app is rolling out

Most netizens today rely on the Google Home app to control their smart home devices. However, some of these users lack full control of certain devices due to the limitations that the app poses. Now, recent reports point out that Google is now removing these limitations and letting users of this smart home integration app gain full control of sensors around their homes.

For some time now, Google has been working to bring more controls to users of the Home app on their smartphones. To do this, support for more devices and controls is coming to the app to help improve user experience. Additions of these controls have been coming to the app one after another over the past months.


Two days ago, the Google Home Reddit page announced more information from sensors coming to the app. Users of the app are already excited to get data from more sensors on various smart devices in their homes. With access to more data from sensors, users of the app will get better insight into their smart devices.

More information from sensors is coming to the Google Home app

If you use the Google Home app for your smart devices, then you are in for a treat. A user took to the Google Home community Reddit page to share a discovery on his Home app. While checking the reading on his Hue indoor motion sensor, the user also noticed that the app was giving two temperature readings.

While this was an error on the user’s part, the screenshot he provided gave off more sensor readings. The sensor readings available via the app were motion, light level, and temperature. With all these readings, users can better understand how their smart devices operate and the data they collect from their sensors.

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Aside from the Hue indoor motion sensor, more devices are now reaching their full potential. This is to say that users can access more information from these devices’ sensors. Regardless of the device’s usage, the Google Home app will be able to read data from its sensors.

This change is coming to more users along with some other important improvements. An example of a new feature to look out for on your app is the ability to “control the rotation and speed of your compatible fans directly in the Home app.” These upgrades are currently rolling out and will become available to users in the coming weeks.

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