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The Adventurer’s Drone


While a lot of drones follow the same four or six figure form, Alvix utilizes a specialized double-rotor design that makes it both incredibly agile and compact. Conceptualized for use by extreme athletes like big mountain snowboarders and adventurers like mountain climbers, Alvix can be tucked away in any backpack and released when the need arises for emergency services.

Its unique constructions consist of four discs: one for the alert lighting mechanism, two for the rotors and one for the base. When it’s not being used, the rotors swivel inward where they’re shielded from damage. In the event of an accident or injury, Alvix can be pulled out and launched quickly. Like a flare that doesn’t disappear, it uses light and sound to serve as a beacon for rescue personnel.

Designers: Yu Ling Lien & Jia Xin Liu






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The Adventurer’s Drone

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