The Anything Finder Tile Sport Now At Super-Low Prices – Amazon Black Friday 2018 Deals

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If you’re the forgetful type then the Tile Sport is a product made just for you and right now it’s even better value than ever thanks to some big savings on a single Tile Sport as well as the two-pack option. The ‘anything finding’ Tile Sport retails in the US for $34.99 each, however it’s now on sale for just $19.99 apiece. Generally speaking, buyers have always been able to opt for a two-pack which brings the cost of both down to $59.99 ($30 each), and that same two-pack has also now seen its own price drop down to $34.99. That’s savings on savings talk which basically brings the cost of two Tile Sports down to the same price you would normally have to pay for just one. Straight up BOGO action on offer here, and pretty much the lowest price ever seen on the tiny findable devices.

If you’re new to the Tile Sport then this is a super simple product to use. Each unit is tiny and small enough to attach to your keys, or your bag, or just about anything else. Once attached, the corresponding app will be able to monitor the whereabouts of the item and make sure that’s is easy to find again when lost – as long as it’s within a range of 200 feet. What’s more, it works the other way around too. So if you’ve lost your phone you, can press the Tile Sport and the phone will sound instead.

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