‘The Bachelor’: Becca’s Ex Bombards Fantasy Suites To Fight Arie For Her Heart

Love was certainly in the air this week on The Bachelor, as Arie Luyendyk Jr. told both Lauren B. and Becca K. that he was in love with them during their fantasy-suite dates in Peru. But the lovefest came to a screeching halt when Becca’s ex-boyfriend, Ross, showed up to try to win back his former girlfriend of seven years.

Before Ross crashed the party, Arie had already spent the night with both Kendall and Lauren. He told the latter that he was in love with her in order to calm her fears and get her to stay in the competition, but he never said he was in love with only her. And that’s because he wasn’t.

The bachelor said it again the next night while he was cuddling with Becca in a tent. Yes, while the other women got full-on fantasy suites, Becca got a fantasy tent consisting of one “room” with a queen-sized bed in the middle.

The small space was enough to get Arie feeling intimate, and he told Becca he was in love with her as well. But the next morning, Ross showed up in Peru to try to win Becca’s heart back with a surprise proposal.

After confronting Arie to confess his plan, Ross went to find Becca and let her know he hasn’t stopped thinking about her throughout the past year that they’ve been apart. But Becca wasn’t having it and ran off to assure Arie that it’s him that she wants.

Now that he’s in love with two different women, Arie had to let Kendall know that she wouldn’t be getting a rose to move on to the final two. And so, it is Becca K. and Lauren B. who have survived the season to become the last two women standing.

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But Bachelor Nation is not currently concerned with who Arie will ultimately choose. Instead, they have turned their attention to the new man on their screens — Ross. Becca may not have wanted her ex, but viewers seem to be all over him. Fans took to Twitter to beg producers to make Ross the next bachelor, or even the current bachelor if it’s not too late.

But, come on, Bachelor Nation. We took the journey with Arie this far and it’s time to finally find out who he picks next week. Who do you think Are will choose?

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