‘The Bachelor’: Power Ranking the Final Three Contestants After Hometown Dates


Arie Luyendyk Jr. surprised us all on The Bachelor this week when he eliminated Tia at the end of four awkward hometown dates. Clearly, Tia’s dad threatening to Google Arie if he ever hurt his daughter didn’t scare the racecar driver enough and he sent the frontrunner packing.

That leaves us with three women remaining as we head into next week’s fantasy suites, but who will ultimately win Arie’s heart? Below we’re ranking the contestants in descending order based on who has the biggest chance of landing the former racecar driver of her dreams.

3. Kendall

the bachelor kendall

Falling in love and making a great connection with someone is fantastic, but if you’re not ready to get engaged by the end of two dates then Arie’s not interested. That’s why the bachelor pulled Kendall aside during this week’s rose ceremony in order to make sure that she’d be ready to commit if he moved her on to the next round. All she could say was that “it’s complicated,” but that was apparently enough for him. His decision to keep her despite her uncertain feelings for him certainly leads us to believe that he’s interested in Kendall. But the couple has yet to produce even an ounce of chemistry onscreen, so despite being wrong the past two times, we’re keeping Kendall at the bottom of the pack.

2. Becca M.

the bachelor becca k

Becca had the first one-on-one date of the season but failed to land any special moments with Arie in the few weeks that followed. They were finally able to reconnect in Tuscany, however, and it seemed that there was still chemistry between the couple. After a successful hometown date in Minneapolis, it appears that they could definitely have a future together. Arie survived being grilled by Uncle Gary, but will Becca survive fantasy suite week?

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1. Lauren B.

the bachelor lauren b

It takes a lot to get Lauren B. excited, but she seems to genuinely light up when talking about her feelings for Arie. Meanwhile, Arie was more worried about meeting Lauren’s parents than he was for any of the other families during hometown dates, indicating just how much he likes her. When a clever Twitter user posted a photo full of vanilla ice cream cartons with the caption “Lauren’s family portrait,” Arie responded by tweeting “My favorite flavor.” These two seem to have really gotten close and they didn’t even need to have pesky conversations to make it happen. We can try to fight it all we want, but when it comes to love, Arie may just be happy sitting in front of a pretty face in silence.

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