79948 The Best Sonos Deals & Sales – Updated October 2020
The Best Sonos Deals & Sales – Updated October 2020

The Best Sonos Deals & Sales – Updated October 2020

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Sonos is hands down the best option for multi-room audio streaming, but setting up a Sonos multi-room system can be pretty expensive. That is, unless you take advantage of some of these best Sonos deals.

Sonos speakers do routinely go on sale, so it’s not hard to grab a nice discount on one of these speakers. But the sales don’t last long, as most people jump on them to add more speakers to their home setup. So you’ve gotta be quick.

We have rounded up the best Sonos deals that are currently available, and will continue to update this post as new deals arise.


Sonos Prices

best sonos deals
Sonos One SL

The best Sonos deals of October 2020

In the table above, you’ll find the prices for all of Sonos’ products. Including their all-time lowest prices, to help you decide whether now is the right time to buy that particular speaker. Here, you’ll find the best deals among all of Sonos’ products, as of September.

Refurbished Sonos PLAYBAR ($499, Best Buy)

A refurbished Sonos PLAYBAR will cost you just $499 at Best Buy right now. The regular price for a brand new PLAYBAR is around $799. So definitely a good price here. And Sonos speakers aren’t generally on sale, even as refurbished units.

Refurbished Sonos PLAYBAR – Best Buy


Sonos One – Two-room set ($379, Sonos.com)

Instead of buying just one Sonos One, you can get two. The two-room set is on sale for $379. That’s a savings of $19 off of its regular price. And allows you to get started in setting up a multi-room system with Sonos’ speakers.

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Sonos One (Two-room set) – Sonos.com

Sonos Five – Two-room set ($949, Sonos.com)

Similar to the Sonos One two-room set above, the Sonos Five two-room set is also discounted. It’s now $949, for a savings of $49 off of the set. Considering the Sonos Five was announced just a couple months ago, this is a really good deal – and the cheapest price the Sonos Five has ever been.


Sonos Five (Two-room set) – Sonos.com

Sonos Arc with Sub and Rears (Surround sound system)

What is Sonos?

Sonos is the maker of speakers and home theater speakers. It’s renowned for its quality speakers with high-tech capabilities. Sonos really became popular for its PLAY:1, PLAY:3 and PLAY:5 speakers, but it has many more products than that these days.

Sonos has standalone speakers, Bluetooth speakers, smart speakers and even some sound bars. These can all be used to create a rather epic surround sound system in your home. Sonos uses its proprietary software to offer multi-room audio, without relying on Bluetooth. Which allows Sonos speakers to stay in sync, without one or two being behind, and showing a noticeable lag.


This is possible by using WiFi over Bluetooth. WiFi has more bandwidth, and allows Sonos to not only keep its speakers in sync, but produce better sounding audio. As music isn’t compressed to play over these speakers, like they would be if they used Bluetooth. So when people say that the sound on Sonos speakers sounds so good, that’s part of the reason as to why.

The company has one sound bar that has Dolby Atmos support, which is the new Sonos Arc. While the Sonos One, Beam and Arc all have Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support. Making them the best smart speakers on the market. However for those that use iOS devices, they also support AirPlay. In other words, it’s great for everyone, no matter what mobile platform you use.

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