‘The Flash’ First Look: Why We’re Thrilled to See Iris West Suit Up

UPDATE (2/22/2018): The Flash released an official image of Iris suited up today:

The FLASH Iris

Iris West — intrepid reporter, wife of Barry Allen and the current leader of the team on The Flash — will be suiting up this season to fight crime while Barry is in prison. This news broke earlier today via EW, who reported that actress Candice Patton will be wearing a super suit for a March episode. Since this episode is being filmed now, HollywoodNorth.buzz was able to snag some pics of Candice in action. Let’s take a look at Iris’ new suit!

Honey, Where’s My Super Suit?

In the comics, Iris West from Earth-1 never became a superhero. She did, however, give birth to superhero babies, speedster twins in fact, named Don and Dawn Allen. While they probably got their super speed from their dad, it’s possible they did get some genetic metahuman DNA from their mother also.

So far on the show, The Flash, Iris West — now Iris West-Allen — has never exhibited metahuman powers. It looks like that is all about to change when Iris suits up to take on some bad guys. Currently, we don’t know if she suits up just to conceal her identity or if she’s going to suit up with powers, like her hubby The Flash.

What you see, in the set photo above, is that Iris is wearing a black eye mask, similar to Black Canary‘s and a leather jacket, similar to Gypsy‘s. So that raises a few questions: 1.) is this Earth-1 Iris West Allen? 2.) If it is, does she have super speed? 3.) If she does have super speed, is it from a meta human energy source or is it man-made, like from the Velocity drug? 4.) If this isn’t Earth-1 Iris, which Earth is she from?

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Happy Fans

No matter how many questions we may have about Iris suiting up, one thing is for sure, people are excited!

Morgandersfan on Twitter shared a few images of Iris West from New Earth, a comic book universe where Wally had speedster daughter named Iris (he named her after his aunt):

Knowledgispowa also shared the news, saying it was the “best news ever”:

Bethelderkin points out that Iris may have temporary powers because she’s pregnant with a speedforce baby:

Mspurple360 found this gem, where Candice told Kevin Smith how badly she wanted to suit up:

Whatever the circumstances, super powers or no super powers, we are here for super Iris.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8PM on The CW.

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