125331 The Gmail Web Version Is Getting A Neat Looking Redesign

The Gmail Web Version Is Getting A Neat Looking Redesign

With Android 12 out, we’re seeing different Google apps and services getting a bit of a redesign, even ones that aren’t on Android, like the Gmail for web with the new ‘integrated view’ style. Gmail for web is getting a nice redesign and, looking at it, we’re seeing a few design cues taken from Android 12.

Gmail for web is getting the integrated view redesign soon

The web version of Gmail has had the same aesthetic for a little while, and it’s one that adorns most of Google’s services. Now, the company feels that it’s time for a redesign. A while ago, Google stated that it was going to give Gmail some cosmetic and functional changes. Thanks to 9To5Google, there are some screenshots that show us the new design coming to the platform.

Firstly, we see that the color scheme has changed. Currently, the compose button and the accented elements are red; with the new version, they’re changed to blue. The other cosmetic changes will remind you of Material You. Your inbox list now has rounded corners, and the selected inbox now has a pill-shaped indicator.


This new view will be less cluttered

Most of the changes were made to declutter the entire view. Currently, the left side of the window houses all of your conversations across other Google services like Chats and Meet. They can get cluttered if you have a lot of conversations. Google is making a major change to combat this by compressing these conversations.  With the new design, the chats will live as small buttons on the left of the inboxes. Under those other services, there will be chat bubbles. If you click them, then you take right to that service.

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They’ll occupy their own little panel, leaving more space to place all of your labels under your inboxes. If you switch to another service, then the inbox pane will change so that it’s relevant to the service you’re using.

You can test it out, but not yet

Google will implement this feature in the near future, and people can try it out. The company will make the version available to test on February 8th. When you sign into Gmail, you’ll be prompted to see the redesign and test it out for yourself. If you don’t like it, you can always revert to the classic view.


Google plans to distribute this big redesign for Gmail to everyone by April. This means that it will automatically update everyone’s UI. However, if you don’t like this design, then you still have the option to switch back to this view.

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