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The Go-Go Gadget Wallet


I, like many people, fell in love with the concept of multi-functionality long before I knew what it really was thanks to a little 1980s cartoon called Inspector Gadget! The weird and wacky detective had all sorts of multipurpose tools at his disposal and I imagine if he had a wallet, it’d be a lot like this one! It’s called CLIPPY and it’s perhaps the most versatile and useful wallet out there.

This pocket-size, magnetic, multi-tool can be used for a variety of handy functions like keeping your headphone cables in order, marking your book, acting as a paperclip, and even as a fidget device! Of course, it also keeps your cards and cash clipped and organized. Available in any imaginable Pantone color, you can customize yours to your precise style preference!

Designer: Ivan Shmatko for aiia





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The Go-Go Gadget Wallet

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