91179 The Next Samsung Smartwatch May Be Able To Measure Blood Sugar
The Next Samsung Smartwatch May Be Able To Measure Blood Sugar

The Next Samsung Smartwatch May Be Able To Measure Blood Sugar

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Samsung is reportedly looking into adding a blood sugar measurement tool in its next smartwatch. Currently the latest health-related feature that smartwatches are able to measure is the ECG. But this is still a more limited feature that not many wearables offer.

The most recent Samsung smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 3, now supports the ECG readings, but blood sugar sensing would take things to another level.

Earlier this month, a company at CES unveiled its research and early prototype for a device that would measure blood sugar in a non-invasive manner. And based on the new rumor about Samsung’s upcoming smartwatches, the brand will be using a similar technology.


The blood sugar sensor could be added to more than one Samsung smartwatch

Adding this feature isn’t exactly something that’s possible at the moment. So adding it to one watch seems like a big enough task. But the company is looking to add it to more than one watch it seems.

The rumor suggests that Samsung may be looking into adding a blood sugar sensor into the Galaxy Watch 4 and perhaps a Galaxy Watch Active 3. Which would be the successors to the Galaxy Watch Active 2 and the Galaxy Watch 3.

But as noted, blood sugar sensors aren’t something you’ll currently find in smartwatches. What’s more is non-invasive blood sugar measurement isn’t something that’s really possible either.

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Earlier this month, Quantum Operation Inc. revealed that its non-invasive blood sugar sensing wearable was based on a patented spectroscopy materials. Samsung’s utilization of this feature reportedly is based on Raman spectroscopy. Which uses lasers to measure the blood sugar. Though the lasers could be used to measure other stuff too.

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Since no non-invasive blood sugar monitoring tools really exist yet, this puts both Samsung and Quantum Operation Inc. in a unique position. Samsung is a large company, it might have a better chance at getting something out before Quantum Operation Inc. Whether or not that happens remains to be seen.

Blood sugar monitoring may still be a long way off

This isn’t a feature that you should expect to show up on the very next watch. While it is possible for that to happen, expecting it to be available sets you up for disappointment if it’s not there.


So it’s a good idea to look to Samsung’s implementation of the ECG feature. As this had to go through approval first and this took quite a long time. In fact the ECG capability wasn’t available on the Galaxy Watch 3 when it launched. And had to be activated at a later date through a software update.

The same thing could be true here. Of course if Samsung does have plans to add this feature to a future wearable device, it will probably confirm that at some point.

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