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The Self Proclaimed King of Dreamland, King Dedede

After 26 years and 34 titles, just about anyone who’s played games will recognize Nintendo’s Pink Protagonist Puffball Kirby. Less people know King Dedede, however — the self-proclaimed King of Dreamland and Kirby’s arch-rival.

We don’t yet know how the dynamic between Kirby and King Dedede will play out in the upcoming Kirby Star Allies. It’s always been a bit back-and-forth between them.

Their relationship is unlike most other Nintendo rivalries. He’s usually not kidnapping a princess, or even trying to rule the world. Instead, King Dedede is usually more interested in proving he’s better than Kirby with crazy schemes, races, and tricks.

Kirby fighting King Dedede in Kirby Super Star Ultra
King Dedede and Kirby’s face-off in Kirby: Super Star UltraKing Dedede and Kirby’s face-off in Kirby: Super Star Ultra

Imitation and Flattery

Armed with his star-studded hammer and mastery over air Dedede’s able to temporarily fly and inhale objects like Kirby. While Dedede may be able to inhale objects like Kirby, he’s unable to duplicate his copy ability. Instead, he is able to spit the objects back at his targets at high velocities.

Throughout King Dedede’s numerous appearances he has used many attacks against Kirby and his allies. His traditional attack roster includes using his body size to perform bodyslams or slide tackles. When those attacks don’t get the job done, he swings his Jet-powered Hammer or uses it to launch Gordos.

Throughout the franchise, he swaps the various moves in his moveset, based on the theme or villain of the game. Dedede typically rules over Dreamland from his multiple castles while commanding an army of waddle dees, waddle doos, and various other enemies.

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Though he is the self-proclaimed King of Dreamland, he is often a penguin of empty threats and no action.

King Dedede swinging his flaming hammer at Kirby
King Dedede is ready for his revenge in Smash Bros.

Where There’s Kirby, There’s Dedede

King Dedede has appeared in nearly every Kirby game since the franchise began. In fact, with the exception of Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Dedede or his likeness has been in every single Kirby game. And while he’s the titular character’s rival, he’s not always his main adversary.

His first appearance was in Kirby’s Dream Land on the Game Boy in 1992. However, he didn’t make a playable appearance until Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards in 2000.

When Dedede does happen to be the main villain, it’s usually in a more mischievous manner. But there have been other times when he has been a more sinister villain. Even in these cases, he is typically controlled by a larger force such as Taranza, Yin-Yarn, or Dark Matter.

King Dedede talking to the people of Cappy Town in the Anime Kirby: Right back at ya
In the Anime, King Dedede always draws a crowd but usually not in a positive way.

King Dedede the King of Cappy Town

King Dedede played a prominent role in the Anime series Kirby: Right Back at Ya! During his time in the show, he played the role of King of Dreamland with snail sidekick Escargoon. Throughout the anime’s 100-episode run, Dedede’s jealousy, greed and narcissistic personality is made extremely apparent.  This is in line with his characteristics through the franchise, as his plans often involve stealing all of Dreamlands food or other resources.

After Kirby crashlands on planet Popstar, the citizens of Cappy Town become enamored with him. Dedede quickly becomes jealous as the townspeople of Cappy Town now favor Kirby over himself.

Through this vanity, for some reason, the townspeople still regard him as King. Over time he develops a bond with Kirby. This is to the point that Dedede openly weeps when he believes his rival gone for good.

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Proving that although he plays the villain, he prefers a world with Kirby over one without him.

Jada Griffin

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The Self Proclaimed King of Dreamland, King Dedede

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