The Tick’s Most Ridiculous Villains

The City is forever in the grasp of evil and its evildoings. Only The Tick and his sidekick Arthur can stem the ever-growing tide of bad threatening to wash over the good citizens of The City. The Tick has an impressive gallery of uniquely special rogues. Villains like Overkill take direct cues from well-known supervillains like Deathstroke. Others, like Chairface Chippendale, draw inspiration from the deformed villains of Dick Tracy fame. Here are a few of the craziest villains to ever take on the blue hero.

Miss Lint

The Tick’s Most Ridiculous Villains
It won’t be long before that lovely jacket is covered in lint.

Formerly The Terror’s most-trusted ally, the sour-faced Miss Lint, in true villain fashion, has her own group of criminals that wreak havoc in The City. However, that isn’t all she has going for her. Using the bracelets given to her by The Terror, Miss Lint can control electricity. Of course, it wouldn’t be The Tick if there weren’t some major drawback to using her immense, devastating power. Each time she fires those badass electrical blasts, she attracts dust particles to herself. Thus the name, Miss Lint. Armed with a short temper and an impressive collection of glass eyes, Miss Lint is prepared for everything — except, perhaps, Arthur and The Tick.

Chairface Chippendale

The Tick’s Most Ridiculous Villains
He was so close to completing his evil plan.

With a chair for a head, Chairface Chippendale is The Tick’s greatest enemy in the comics and the animated show (voiced by the late Tony Jay). The well-dressed criminal mastermind possesses a power greater than all villains before him: having a chair for a head. Okay, maybe his power isn’t that great, but it makes for a great punchline. No wonder we became a supervillain. Since his powers afford him no real advantage in the supervillain game, he utilizes his fellow supervillain friends and, sometimes, giant lasers.

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Also, did I mention he has a chair for a head?

Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs At Midnight

The Tick’s Most Ridiculous Villains
Laughter doesn’t get much more maniacal than this.

Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs At Midnight or simply the Evil Midnight Bomber (EMB) wins the prize for the greatest supervillain name of all time. EMB is armed with a sack full of bombs, several personalities, and the need to continuously spout incoherent nonsense. He also inexplicably dresses like a roach, solidifying the fact that he desperately needs a brand manager. Known for mumbling to his alternate personalities, EMB often foils his own evil plans. Even if he didn’t, his name gives away most of his evil plan. He might want to consider a name change.

The Terror

The Tick’s Most Ridiculous Villains
Jackie Earle Haley takes his villainous role seriously.

The Terror is the ultimate evil within The Tick universe. Don’t let the old, wrinkled face fool you. The Terror is a cold-blooded, calculated killer. He’s so evil, no one even knows what his actual powers are. Perhaps it’s the power of pure malevolence. He is flanked by a cadre of loyal (and terrified) henchmen like Ramses IV and the Pyramid Gang. In the Amazon live-action series, The Terror’s actions lead to the death of Arthur’s father, setting the boy on the path of heroism.

Multiple Santa

The Tick’s Most Ridiculous Villains
The Tick is no match for Multiple Santa.

Multiple Santa brings holiday fear to all he encounters. He was originally part of The Terror’s gang in the comics, but his powers were undefined. Multiple Santa was given his abilities in the animated series. Once just an ordinary bank robber disguised as Santa, he was electrocuted by a neon sign, which granted him the power to create electric clones of himself. Multiple Santa capitalizes on The Tick’s inability to strike jolly old St. Nick and loots The City.

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Bonus: Overkill

The Tick’s Most Ridiculous Villains
Doesn’t Overkill look a lot like a Deathstroke cosplayer?

Overkill is a gun-toting vigilante who believes violence is the only answer to any and all questions. His reluctant ally, The Tick, abhors his violent ways, and they often butt heads while dispatching foes. In his quest to find and eliminate The Terror, Overkill utilizes extreme tactics like murder, to dispatch anyone trying to impede him. He isn’t technically a supervillain, but he is a bad guy (and probably a terrible pary guest).

Evil Never Sleeps

The Tick’s Most Ridiculous Villains
The Tick watches over The City.

No matter the manner of evil threatening The City, The Tick will prevail. “And so, may evil beware! And may good dress warmly and eat plenty of fresh vegetables.” You can watch The Tick battle evil with his chum Arthur in the titular Amazon Prime Video series. Season 2 is out now. Enjoy, and SPOON!

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