These Are the Moral Lessons of ‘The Twilight Zone’

Of course, everyone loves classic episodes of The Twilight Zone. The amazing vintage special effects, the performances from beloved character actors, the insane twist endings, the sets that definitely weren’t repurposed from other TV shows or just a hill behind the studio…

But these shows aren’t just fun, fast-paced little thrillers from a bygone era. Nearly every episode also functions as a little morality play, with a message and even suggestions for ways to live a better life. Sometimes, host/writer/creator Rod Serling would even go deeper, exploring the reasoning behind classic moral lessons. Try saying THAT about any other old TV show. Maybe you could learn to sing Babalú or operate a warp drive, but those have limited applications.

So, before witnessing Jordan Peele’s reimagining of the most iconic series ever — exclusively on CBS All Access beginning April 1 — let’s look back at how the original series baked in not only suspense and fun but also some mild self-improvement. And all in just 30 minutes, with ad breaks. Also: gremlins.

Watch Jordan Peele’s timely reimagining of The Twilight Zone exclusively on 10 All Access starting April 19.

Brett Bates

Brett Bates is a staff writer at Fandom. He’s been in the video game industry for eight years as a writer and as a developer for companies like BioWare, Rumble, EGM, and Bitmob. According to his business card, he’s a fan of indie games, crime comics, and boxer dogs.

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