These Face Masks Are Still In Stock On Amazon

Contrary to popular belief, Amazon does have face masks in stock right now. But you have to know where to find them.

Luckily, we’ve found this page that has face masks in stock. These include disposable face masks and also cloth face masks that you can pick up. Of course the disposable ones are going to be better for you and protect you from the virus better. But cloth ones also work, and are reusable so you don’t have to keep fighting for masks that aren’t in stock.

For instance, Amazon has a pack of two cloth face masks available for $13.70. Which isn’t a bad price at all. Or you can get a three pack of cotton cloth masks for $12. You can also get some bandanas that are made for face masks too.


Not all of these are going to ship right now. For example, some are slated to ship on May 13. That’s less than a week away, and not too bad for shipping either. Considering a lot of other things are completely unavailable and you can’t even purchase them. Like Lysol disinfectant spray. So that’s a good thing there.

Considering we aren’t sure how long we’re going to need to wear face masks, it’s going to be a good idea to pick up a few so that you have a few different ones that you can swap out and wash from time to time. Especially for those that need to go back to work and deal with the public. Those of us that can work from home likely won’t need to wear them as often.

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You can pick up these cloth face masks from Amazon today by clicking here. You’re going to want to grab these before they are gone, as it’s unclear when they will be back in stock.


Cloth Face Masks – Amazon

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