60026 These Galaxy S20 Replicas Show Off The Phone's Real-World Size
These Galaxy S20 Replicas Show Off The Phone’s Real-World Size

These Galaxy S20 Replicas Show Off The Phone’s Real-World Size

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At this point only a couple of things seem to be unknown about the Galaxy S20 family of devices thanks to numerous leaks, but these replicas provide some idea of what the real-world size of each phone will be like when holding it.

In a hands-on video provided by MobileFun, you can see size comparisons of each phone next to each other. While these are simply dummy phones and not working devices, meaning there’s no hardware components on the inside, they still appear to be accurate in regards to size.

Three Galaxy S20 Replicas: Three phones, three sizes

Since these are just dummy units made for testing out case manufacturing, there’s nothing to showcase any functionality of the phone or its features.


They do give a picture of what the final designs will be like though once Samsung launches the Galaxy S20 line. It also lends more evidence to the rumor that there would be three phones. Each with its own slightly different size.

The Galaxy S20 will come in the standard variation, which is the S20, as well as the Galaxy S20 Plus and the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The Ultra in fact was recently leaked in a series of what appears to be official renders.

Which look just like the design of these dummy units that were provided to MobileFun. from the case manufacturers. Each phone is only a little bit bigger than the last as size increases gradually. So even the Ultra shouldn’t feel too big in the hand.


The Galaxy S20 Ultra is about the same size as the Galaxy Note 10 Plus

In the video you don’t just see size comparisons of the three Galaxy S20 dummy devices. You also get to see the size comparisons of the dummy devices next to actual past Samsung phones.

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The Galaxy S20 Ultra for example is rumored to have a 6.9-inch display. With MobileFun suggesting the sizes of each unit are accurate and relative to the sizes of the actual phones.

If the size is accurate, the Galaxy S20 Ultra will be about the same size as the Galaxy Note 10 Plus. So if you don’t think that phone is too big to hold, then the Ultra shouldn’t be either. The Galaxy S20 Ultra actually looks a tiny bit bigger, but not by much.


The video also points out that the replica units have ports and buttons in the exact places consumers can expect them on the real phones. If you’re curious to see more angles of the devices, give the video a watch.

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