59206 These JBL Wireless Headphones Are Just $40
These JBL Wireless Headphones Are Just $40

These JBL Wireless Headphones Are Just $40

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Amazon is discounting a very popular pair of JBL Wireless Headphones today, dropping the price down to just $39.95. That’s $10 off of their regular price.

The headphones in question are the JBL Tune T500BT, which are a pretty inexpensive pair of Bluetooth headphones that actually don’t feel or sound like they are cheap anyways. These are normally $50, which is pretty cheap for a pair of headphones like this.

These feature JBL’s Pure Bass, which is going to give you a ton of bass in these headphones. And that’s what you would expect from a pair of JBL headphones, to be honest. The bass is strong but it is not overpowering. It is still going to sound pretty good in your ears, and the mids and highs will be crystal clear still.


All thanks to the 32mm drivers that are inside the JBL Tune T500BT headphones. Now those aren’t the biggest drivers we’ve seen in headphones, but typically the around-the-ear headphones get the bigger 40mm drivers since there’s most space. These are on-ear headphones so they aren’t as big. But you’re going to get some big sound out of these headphones.

Battery life is still pretty impressive, actually. We’re talking about 16 hours on a single charge. Now there are wireless headphones out there that offer better battery life, like the Sony WH-1000XM3, but those are also nearly seven times the price. So seeing 16 hours on the JBL Tune T500BT is actually pretty impressive to say the least.

Finally, the JBL Tune T500BT come in a number of colors – all of which are $39.95 today. They are available in black, blue, pink and white. So there’s a color for everyone here.


You can pick up the JBL Tune T500BT wireless headphones from Amazon today for just $39.95 by clicking here. But you’d better hurry, this price is not going to last long.

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JBL Tune T500BT – Amazon – $39.95

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