58458 This Samsung Soundbar Has A Wireless Sub & It's On Sale For $278
This Samsung Soundbar Has A Wireless Sub & It’s On Sale For $278

This Samsung Soundbar Has A Wireless Sub & It’s On Sale For $278

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A soundbar can provide some of the best sound you’ll ever get for home audio, and this one from Samsung is on sale right now for pretty cheap.

How cheap? $278. That might not sound like a low price, but it is. The retail cost of the soundbar is $499.99, so this price drop is bringing it down by $222.

It’s even more of a value because it’s not just the soundbar you’re getting. You also get a wireless sub woofer to go with it. The two are a package deal, and after setting them up the soundbar gives off crisp, clear sound while the sub brings in some nice bass.


Samsung has packed it with Harman Kardon sound technology too. What’s more though is that it features 5.1 channel sound.

Got a 4K TV? Great. Then this is the perfect soundbar because it supports 4K pass-through and has HDR10 support. That means you can hook it up to your 4K UHD TV and have the audio match the picture on the screen seamlessly.

In addition, it has a couple features to help you get the best sound possible. Such as the adaptive sound. This analyzes what you’re listening to so it that can deliver the best sound for the situation. Or the directional sound that moves with you.


It supports various audio modes too. Like game mode pro, so you can set the audio to the specific activity, whether it’s movies, music, or games. It has Bluetooth as well, so if you want music or audio playing from your smartphone or tablet, you can connect it wirelessly.

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In short, this is a very good soundbar that comes with a lot of function and value at a pretty low cost compared to its normal price. In accordance with the stylish design, you can wall-mount it or let it sit flat.

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