56687 This Sony 70-inch BRAVIA 4K TV is Just $898 Today At Walmart
This Sony 70-inch BRAVIA 4K TV is Just $898 Today At Walmart

This Sony 70-inch BRAVIA 4K TV is Just $898 Today At Walmart

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Walmart has the 70-inch Sony BRAVIA 830F model 4K TV on sale for just $898. Now while this is not the lowest price that it has ever been, it is pretty low. This is the lowest we’ve seen it outside of major holidays like Prime Day last month – where it was $799. So if you’re looking for a very big screen TV, this is definitely the time to get one.

This TV from Sony is not its highest-end TV, but it is close. It’s right behind the 850F and 900F in terms of highest-end. So you’re still going to get a pretty stunning LED display out of this BRAVIA TV. It is a 4K TV, with 2160p resolution. It’s going to upscale the content that is not in 4K, so you get a really good looking picture, even with 720p and 1080p content.


Of course, the best part about this TV is the fact that it is running Android TV. This means that you’re going to be getting all of your favorite apps and games on this TV, without having to purchase or hook up another set-top box. With Android TV, you’ll find apps like Netflix, Hulu, Showtime Anywhere, HBO Go, and so much more. Just about any app you can think of, including Amazon Prime Video (now), is available on Android TV.

This is a pretty big TV at 70-inches, and it’s not often that you can find one of this size for under a grand. But getting this Sony model for under $900 is a really good deal. And it’s one that you’re not going to see too often. So you’ll want to make sure to take advantage of this deal.


You can pick up the Sony 830F 70-inch BRAVIA 4K TV from Walmart by clicking here. It does offer up free freight shipping on this TV as well.

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Sony 70-inch 4K TV – Walmart – $898

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