94786 Top 5 Best Features The PS5 Has To Offer
Top 5 Best Features The PS5 Has To Offer

Top 5 Best Features The PS5 Has To Offer

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The PS5 has a lot of really sweet features that make it stand out from other consoles, including its own kin (we’re talking about the PS4), and these are the best ones we felt deserved the most recognition.

With that said, there are a lot of really great features that the PS5 has to offer, but they can’t all be the best features. So we tried to narrow it down to our favorite 5. Which believe us, was a hard thing to do because we love many of the features that are available.

Still, we did want to scale things down a bit so these are the features that we chose. Also worth noting is that these are our favorite features. So this list is subjective. Even if you don’t feel these are the best features though, they’re still great and worth paying attention to if you have your own PS5 console to enjoy.


The top 5 best features the PS5 has to offer

These are the best features you’ll find on the PS5. They not only improve the user experience but they also bring in some generally fun capabilities that we wish were available on past consoles.

The adaptive triggers on the DualSense controller

Sony PS5 Review 5

We had to start with this one because it’s such an innovative change that is really going to make a big difference in game immersion down the line.

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While there aren’t many games making use of this feature right now, there will be. And quite honestly if you need an idea of how this really works and what a big deal it’s going to be, all you have to do is play Astro’s Playroom.

Sony tailor-made this game to showcase the features of the DualSense controller. No, really. As you play it, you’re introduced to each of the controller’s unique features. One of those being the adaptive triggers.

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The reason these are so cool are the way it makes you feel as if the things you’re doing in the game are actually happening to you. Sony achieves this by adjusting the resistance in each trigger based on your in-game action. For example, drawing a bow in a game like Horizon Forbidden West could see more resistance to draw the bow string back further for a full power shot.


Or less resistance for pulling the trigger of a gun. These are just some of the more basic examples too.

Bonus feature: Advanced haptic feedback

We threw this one in because it’s tied to the controller. The haptic feedback is nothing new. It’s been in controllers for decades. But this isn’t your typical haptic feedback. It’s more advanced than what you’ll see in any other controller.

How? Basically, the vibrations can mimic the things happening in-game. Using Astro’s Playroom as the example again here, while playing Astro will have to walk over all kinds of different surfaces. From metal to wood to glass and even sand.


The haptic feedback vibrations will adjust to mimic these surfaces to the best of its ability. So as you walk over sand, the vibrations in the controller feel very different from when you walk over glass. Providing a softer vibration meant to mimic the feel of sand under your feet. This distinct feature really adds to the capability to make games feel immersive. Especially when you pair it with other features that are focused on upping the immersion factor.

Tempest 3D AudioTech

PS5 3D Audio

Immersion in video games is a magical thing. And a big part of that is the audio you get from your games. Which is why we wanted to make sure that the 3D audio was included in this list of the best features on the PS5.


This is especially great when you pair the 3D audio with the advanced haptic feedback and the adaptive trigger from the DualSense. And together the three make a nice little feature trio.

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The thing is 3D audio only works if you’re using headphones. If you don’t have headphones plugged into the console then you won’t benefit from the 3D audio tech. Games will still sound good but they won’t be as immersive as they could be.

With the 3D audio intact, gamers will notice more life-like sounds coming from all directions and sources. This kind of feature is not entirely new to the PS5. But the Tempest 3D AudioTech inside of the PS5 is its own proprietary version that aims to simulate the sounds to be natural, as if you were in the game environment yourself.


Screen sharing with Picture-in-picture mode

PS5 Screen Share

There are numerous reasons why this is such a cool feature for this console. For one you can use it to bring up videos that may be of use to help walk you through a particularly challenging area in a game that you’ve been stuck on.

Even if this was the only thing it could be used for, it would still be one of the best features. But it’s actually useful for more than that. You can also bring up livestreams and put those in picture-in-picture mode too.


Why would you want to do this? Well, you could bring up a stream of a game that you’re also currently playing, then use it as a tutorial like we explained above. But the more interesting thought that came to our minds when this was showed off for the first time last year, was for team-based gameplay.

Stadia introduced a feature called Stream Connect alongside the Stadia launch of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. Stream Connect allows you to see a video stream of people on your team in that game.

The PS5’s picture-in-picture mode could be used the same way. Just start a party with a friend, hop in chat with one another, then both of you start streams and pin the stream to a corner of the UI in the picture-in-picture mode. And now you essentially have the same thing as Stream Connect.

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In games like Call Of Duty, Fortnite, or other team-based multiplayer PvP titles, this could be a great advantage that helps you gain victory. Screen sharing could also be used as just a fun way to hang out with a friend who’s playing PS5.

The Game Base

PS5 Game Base

What we really like about the Game Base feature is that it provides players with a dedicated space to hang out with friends. More than that though you can use the Game Base as a jumping off point for starting multiplayer matches in games with friends that are hanging out with you.

You can also auto-invite everyone currently in the Game Base simultaneously. Which means you don’t have to send invites to everyone individually. That saves you time and lets you all get to gaming much quicker.

Game hints

PS5 Game Help

Lastly, at least for this list, is the game hints feature. If you’re ever trying to complete a specific activity in-game or trying to acquire a trophy, but aren’t sure what to do, these hints can be a life saver and a time saver.

All you have to do is open up the new PS5 control center, which is another great feature, and if the game you’re playing has hints available to view, you can click on the cards to view those hints.

Sometimes (all the time?) the hints will even have short video tutorials to show you what to do. If you’re a visual learner then you’ll love this. A key thing to note here is, that you need PlayStation Plus to utilize the game hints.

And, not all games will have these hints available. Expect them to mostly be available for PS5 games.

This wraps up our list of the best PS5 features, so now you can get to enjoying your own PS5 and playing some games. If you’re still on the hunt for a PS5, you can buy one from these retailers once more stock gets in.

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