41518 Tribit Giving Away 50 XBoom Speakers & A Ton Of $14 Coupons
Tribit Giving Away 50 XBoom Speakers & A Ton Of $14 Coupons

Tribit Giving Away 50 XBoom Speakers & A Ton Of $14 Coupons

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Tribit has just kicked off a new giveaway, and this time around, the company is handing out quite a few prizes. The very first prize in the company’s Halloween giveaway is the company’s XBoom Bluetooth Speaker that we actually reviewed quite recently, in case you’d like to know more about it. Having said that, the company is not giving away only one speaker, not even close, Tribit is handing out 50 speakers to those of you who win this giveaway. Second, or as the company calls it, consolation prize is $14 coupon code. Tribit says that it has unlimited promotion codes for those of you who enter the giveaway, so, everyone who enters and doesn’t win the speaker will win a coupon code.

This giveaway has already kicked off, earlier today, and it will last until October 30. The company will send out an e-mail to winners before October 30. In case you’re wondering how to enter this giveaway, all you have to do is navigate to a link provided down below, where you will see a rafflecopter widget of sorts. Via that widget, you can get a number of entries into the giveaway, the first option allows you to win six entries by finding out how many XBoom speakers are presented in a picture that Tribit presented. The second option gives you five additional entries if you refer this giveaway to your friends, while you can win extra 4 entries if you check out the company’s official listing of the XBoom speaker. If you subscribe to the company’s YouTube channel, you will get four entries, while three daily entries are also available.

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Now, in case you’re not familiar with the first prize in this giveaway, the Tribit XBoom is a Bluetooth speaker that is IPX7 certified, and it comes with a 24W driver. This speaker can provide you with 20 hours of play time on a full charge, while it will shoot sound on all sides. The device also comes with Tribit’s XBass technology, and Bluetooth 4.2 is built into it. The device is compatible with Amazon’s Echo Dot, and it has a built-in microphone as well, so that you can access Siri or Google Assistant when connected.

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