134326 Tweek Is A Simplistic Planner App With Useful Features

Tweek Is A Simplistic Planner App With Useful Features

Tweek is an app that I’ve been using on and off for a while now. The app did get an update recently, and it’s actually noticeably better than it was. Tweek did have some performance-related problems before, but most of those seem to be gone now. So, I’ve decided to share this app with you, in case you’re interested in checking it out.

Tweek is both a planner and a calendar app, a simplistic one

Tweek is both a planner and a calendar app, while it can also serve you as a simplistic to-do list. This app’s design is very simple, and many people will appreciate that.

So, once you fire up the app and log in, you’ll see the calendar straight away. You’ll be able to see the layout of today, and upcoming days, with an empty row below each. That’s where you can enter your plans, to-do entries, and so on.


It can automatically transfer your unfinished tasks

If you don’t mark one of your entries as ‘done’ for a specific day, Tweek can automatically transfer it to the next day, and that’s a feature I love. You can also long-press on a task, and drag it to a different day.

You can also highlight important entries with colors or emoji stickers. The app even offers a printable template for you to use, so you can basically print out your calendar at any point. Adding subtasks is also a possibility, by the way.

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Reminders are included, and so is dark mode

Reminders are also a part of the offering here, and you can also set up recurring tasks. Those of you who are wondering, yes, you can sync your Google Calendar app with Tweek.


The app also supports a dark mode, and it allows you to create separate/additional calendars as well. Some additional features are available via the settings, and the service is available via your desktop PC as well.

Most great features are locked behind a paywall, though

Before you get too excited, though, do note that not all of the features I’ve mentioned are free. Tweek actually locks away some base features behind a paywall, a subscription model. So, for example, if you want to sync Tweek with your Google Calendar, or use Dark Mode, you’ll need to pay a monthly subscription fee.

That is not ideal, of course, as other apps do offer such features for free. Tweek is a really nice-looking app, though, and it’s ideal for simplistic usage. It works really well, as some issues have been ironed out in the latest update. It still takes a bit longer to load than I would have liked, when it’s not actively running in the background. Other than that, the performance was solid for me.


If you’re interested in checking out the app, you can grab it from the link below.

Tweek app (Google Play Store)

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