60863 Twitter "Fleets" To Feed Post Impulse And Regret, Simultaneously

Twitter “Fleets” To Feed Post Impulse And Regret, Simultaneously

Twitter is experimenting with fleeting tweets, called “fleets.” The new feature feeds post impulse and regret simultaneously.

Twitter “Fleets” is a possible upcoming feature that allows users to post “fleeting tweets” (hence the name, “Fleets”) that disappear in 24 hours. That is, these tweets won’t permanently stay up for users to revisit or re-read say, a year from the posting time.

The new “Fleets” not only delete after 24 hours, but also send responses to your inbox. This is in contrast to current permanent tweets that provide public notifications for all to read. Fleets allow for text, photos, and even GIFs, so users can still express themselves as they usually do.


Fleets similar to Facebook Story and Instagram “Stories”

The Twitter “Fleets” experimental feature is similar in nature to Facebook Story and Instagram Stories. Both Facebook Story and Instagram Stories are designed by the same company (Facebook). Both allow users to post things that are “archived” after 24 hours. Once the 24-hour period expires, only the poster can view past content; Facebook friends cannot, for example. Once a Facebook Story expires, Facebook notifies posters of how many friends viewed their content.

On Facebook, Facebook Story users receive reactions to ephemeral posts in their inbox and on Facebook Messenger. If a reader loves a story and reacts with a “heart,” then the poster receives a series of hearts in his or her inbox. Facebook Messenger users can post to their Facebook Story from the Messenger app, which is perfect for those who don’t want to visit the core Facebook app to do so. Twitter just added Facebook Messenger’s reactions to Twitter Direct Messages earlier this year.

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Twitter “Fleets” to feed post impulse and regret, simultaneously

The new “Fleets” could prove to be one of Twitter’s most popular features in the future. It allows for social media posting impulse and regret that many users have. Some users want to post something to social media when angry. They want to rant about injustice, or about something ridiculous that gets under their skin; what they think about something silly a political figure has done; how a celebrity looks in a particular movie; that a new burger in a restaurant commercial is a terrible idea.


These and other ideas are the reasons behind “fleets.” Twitter wants to encourage users that “every thought matters.”

And yet, there are those thoughts that you want to express, then remove. Users don’t want every thought to last because of societal repercussions. A number of employees have posted ideas that were used against them in their job (they end up in the unemployment line). Employees find themselves ridiculed for things they said years ago, long before a particular job comes along. Other users rant about things today that they fall in love with tomorrow. Posters are human and, like all humans, can change their mood about something or have a bad day. The social media company wants to accommodate changing mood and venting release without losing users.

Twitter “Fleets” in testing in Brazil, for now

The new “fleets” feature is in testing in Brazil, for now, but is available on Twitter Android and iOS apps. The company says that it’s only trying out the feature. As of this point, there’s no expectation that “fleets” will survive the testing phase. So with that said, enjoy it for the (fleeting) moment.


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