Uber & Lyft Have Both Had Acquisition Talks With Skedaddle

According to reports from both TechCrunch and Axios, Uber and Lyft have both had talks with Skedaddle about acquiring the company. Lyft apparently had the most recent talks with the company, but so far, neither ride sharing company is ready to acquire Skedaddle just yet. However, that could change in the coming weeks and months.

For those that might be unaware, Skedaddle is a ride-sharing company that is more targeted at bus rides to go from one city to the next. Think of it as the Greyhound of ride-sharing. The company launched in 2015, and created an app for individuals to crowdsource private bus rides. The way it works is that users can register interest for a ride from one city to another, and once enough people register interest, it is able to pick up those riders from the origin city and take them to the destination. It’s a great way for those that might be looking to go to a concert in another city, or has a big group of people going somewhere. Skedaddle has largely been on the east coast so far, seeing as it is based in Boston and New York City, that makes plenty of sense.

While neither Uber nor Lyft have committed to acquiring Skedaddle just yet, it does show that the two companies are looking to get into every mode of transportation right now. In fact, just this month, Lyft purchased Motivate which is the parent company of Citi Bike which is pretty popular in big cities like New York City. This is in an effort to do bike sharing as well as ride sharing. That way whichever mode of transportation you prefer to use, Lyft will be involved. It’s smart for both companies, seeing as neither is making a ton of profit off of each ride currently. It’ll be interesting to see if either company do end up buying Skedaddle in the next few weeks or months.

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